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Wife got me some 177 Mantra's for Christmas. I scored pretty heavily on that account for sure!

So, I've got about 4 days on them now in just about everything *except* powder. Since it's a forgone conclusion on their powder performance, I thought I'd give a quick opinion on their performance otherwise.

I'm about a 5'9" 165# ex coach/instructor who at 44 now, still likes to get after it a bit. I got my large impacts (jumping) taken away this year with a hip replacement done last April.

I've had the opportunity to take them from Sierra-like conditions in Snowbird (!) to wind-packed powder and ice at Squaw to some really fun crud skiing at Sugar Bowl today. There were also the obligatory large mogul runs sprinkled in for good measure.

Ice (Sierra): No complaints here, in fact very pleasantly surprised. The tortional stiffness really shows here and rewards you for getting hooked up at the top of the turn, well before the fall line. If you miss that hook, forget it. For a "soft snow" ski... it's never been better.

Moguls: Well, the hip is none too happy about moguls anyway and the Mantra's really don't like them either. I'll make it a clean sweep and join the party.

Chopped up 2 day old powder: I don't have any idea why anyone wasn't skiing this stuff. Maybe they didn't have Mantra's. Oh, man what a time. Faster the better. Big Wide Grin, and I had it all to me lonesome.

Maybe someday I'll get to ski them in the powder.