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Head WC GS

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Has anyone used the new 2003 race stock Head GS or the previous (2002) equivalent RS-119? How does it compare to the Fischer race stock (verical laminate) GS? Does anyone have any recommended sources for new or used? I am on last year's WC TI SL and love the ride in the gates and even free skiing. Thanks in advance for your comments and suggestions! [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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The Head rep told me that the Head GS was a little softer to flex than the Fischer GS. I haven't skied the Head, but have heard nothing about great things about it, provided you are on hard snow.

The Fischer is a great ski for a heavier racer, but I am only 155lbs, and had trouble flexing it, even when it was way up on edge. I couldn't get the rebound that I can with the Elan, for example. I found the Fischer to be a very easy-turning and relatively forgiving ski for cruising (providing you have decent technical skills), but I couldn't flex the ski enough in gates to change the turn radius appreicably, my turns were basically dicatated by sidecut rather than sidecut and pressure. But, if you were heavier, or just had more powerful legs, it would be different. Definitely not a finesse ski. Good luck with the Head, I might pick up a pair myself.
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dsgould, good to see people on epicski from the homeland.

I like the Head GS, and I think that it is one of the best skis torsionally. I like the Fischer GS better, because it initiates faster. However, both of them are real WC GS skis, so its hard to go wrong with them. Personally I ski the Rossi WC gs, but if I didn't have em I'd take the the Fischer.

Who do you race for?
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If you can get ahold of a pair i would reccommend the Salomon's race stock gs board. It skis very similar to the fischer from what i have heard, but i have only skied the salomon. I own the ski in a 182 and i only weigh 150lbs. I can flex it pretty well, and it seems to come around in the gates nicely, and very fast. If you like a very damp smooth ski you might want to give that ski a whirl, but make sure its the race stock ski, because salomon retail skis wont compare i dont think.
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