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K2 Axix X or Axis X Pro

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I am 5'7 and 200lbs (look like a fullback). I just turned 40 yrs old. I ski around 15-20 days a year. I am a advanced skier that likes to do it all. I stick to the front side most of the time. I hear many things about both ski. What does everone think. I must know because the pro won't be around much longer, thanks. I like to make both short and long turns , out in the west and back east as well.
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Axis X is capable of doing every thing in my opinion. Powder to ice. Pro has metal--probably more like a recreational GS race ski from what I understand. Even at your size--I think you could feel comfortable in a 181 Axis x and not overski it--especially since your only doing 15 -20 days a year.

I have seen some true level 10 skiers on the Axis X--so I think us regular guys will be ok. I love mine.
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Read the thread re: Axis X vs. Bandit X

There might be some good info on that one for you. Good luck! :
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for your size ,weight ,ability,if you like to ski fassssst, go pro but you will give up some ease in moguls,slow short turns,the axis x does this well for a 70mm midfat, but what you gain is a super stable crud busting rocket,look back to march 5th in gear reviews ,you may have to pick show all topics & go to page 2 for a thread axis x started by gonzostrike 39 post should be helpfull.I love my pro & have bought a k2 mach s for playing frontside & moguls.the best description I have heard of for the axis x pro was from iron mike in consumer reviews in a thread for the new xp he said it was like a skier-cross ski,great combination of an all mountain ski & race ski.
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Panther, I've got you by 10-15 pounds and a bunch of years (both my daughters have lamented entering their 40's). I spent 97 days last season on the X Pro in a 181. The ski never disappointed me. I never found it difficult to turn.
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Thanks for the input. The X and the Pro are now the same price at my ski shop. I still don't know which one to choose. If I were ligher (5'6' 200lbs advanced (level 8) skier40 yrs old and athletic), I'd go with the X. I Ski hard, but if I am with friends that don't ski as well, then I will be mellow. I ski the front side most of the time, fast and slow. The Pro is leaving us so I can't wait too long to choose. I don't want to be let down because I ski east and west. I may just wait for the new 2002/2003 K2 RX Ski. Shape of the Mach S, with the insides of the Mach G. Has riser plates as well. I really don't want to pay that price however. How hard is the pro to turn? My old skies are the old rossi 4sk (190cm), are they harder than that? I grew up in New England, making short turns on ice. I go back there alot to visit and ski with family and friends. I now live out in the southwest where I will go to Taos, Telluride and Purgatory. Can I do both areas of the country with the X or/and the Pro? How demanding is the Pro? I leg press over 600lbs so am I strong in the legs(short ones however). What to do. I need help!!! Thanks in advance for everyone's reply.
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panther, at your weight some might say you may be happier on the Pro, but IMHO you really should choose based on conditions and what you want your ski to do in those conditions. Weight issues are accommodated by what length you ski.

The Pro is stiffer, and so it's more "slicy" in crud, tends to ride through powder and not seek a float on top, and is interested more in GS turns than short ones. It also is marginally more stable at very high speeds. However, it's not as good in the moguls as the regular Axis X.

The Axis X wants to float in soft deep snow, yet still handles crud amazingly well. It's quicker in short turns, yet still very stable at speedy GS turns. It's phenomenal in moguls for a 70mm waisted midfat - just heaps of fun! (bad pun intended)

stiffer, more GS ---> Axis X Pro

more floaty, more SL, better in moguls ---> Axis X

I ski the Axis X in 181cm, I'm 5'10" and 155-160 lbs, Level 8 on PSIA scale.
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As you have described yourself as being only 5'6", I might recommend going shorter and stiffer. Shorter will take care of manueverability issues, while the stiffness of the PRO will allow stability.

To determine appropriate length, again I suggest you read my post in the thread- "AXIS X or BANDIT X".

Good luck!
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So if I get the pro, 174cm will be fine, if I get the X, 181cm should do. I am leaning toward the Pro at this moment. I do not do moguls, but I like to catch air every now and then. I do New England ice and the soft stuff out West. At 174 cm, I don't think I should have any problems making short turns in the Pro (do I?)in all condidtions (except the bumps). Thanks, keep the advice comming.
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I forgot to ask something. What binding choices should I go with. I am thinking the Tyrolia cyber 8dx. I have no favorites here. What do you think works best with the Axis X/Axis X Pro.
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if you go pro in 174 I would use the marker 1200 glide as this ski is stiff & does not need the piston "IMHO" I also think the 174 might be more friendly in the bumps,as far as float in powder the pro does fine ,the x might be slightly better but compared to all mountain skis of a few years ago the pro will do well,there is no comparison in the stability of these two skis,the pro rocks.I had the axis x & axis x pro 181cm both with marker 1200 piston bindings,the x is a great allaround ski but like I said the pro is like a cruise missle on auto pilot,it is super stable & stupid fast.I doubt many people that push the x have skied both ,I would like to see gonzo try the pro so he could feel what he has read about the pro as his comments come right out of the ski reviews.
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I would like to see gonzo try the pro so he could feel what he has read about the pro as his comments come right out of the ski reviews. /// bteddy


My comments come from Keith Dustrud, ski buyer for Bob Ward Sporting Goods and a PSIA Level III instructor. Keith is a long-time K2 skier, and he does early demos for K2 and Salomon to help those mfrs refine their ultimate designs before market release.

Keith spent extensive time on both the Pro and the non-Pro Axis X. He knows those skis as well as anyone I can think of, and spent MUCH more time on each than any ski magazine's testers.

if anything, the Pro model feels less lively and more GS-oriented.

bteddy, let's not devolve into a pi$$ing match. that's just ignorant.
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If you have read all of the Mod X/ Axis X threads you will notice that I chime in often. I am 5’8”, 195-205lbs throughout season, I am psia level 8/9, and a level I certified instructor.

I ski the Axis X in a 181 w/ Sally 912Ti w/ power axe. I have skied in Midwest and Eastern hard pack and ice, Sierra cement, BC waist deep powder, crud of every condition and lots of bumps even the icy eastern kind. I love them and have not had the ski fail me. I have not found the top end of this ski yet.

As gonz says they float pretty well in the pow. In fact, I had three epic powder days on them in at the Bears Gathering. They are my favorite bump ski even at 181. On the groomed runs with the power axe system the ski really rebounds when you load them up. I can lay down some cool double arcs with these. I have never skied the pro but I have never felt the Axis X lacking.

In crud, if you get lazy and don’t initiate with a strong inside half, the tips can feel a little soft. However, that is my only complaint. Also, I am probable a little long at 181. I have thought about going to 174cm in the Axis X.

My .02


Gonz, What’s bud?
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Hey gonzo no pi$$ing match intended but I see you offering advice against some higher end skis axis x pro & bandit xx but have not seen were you have actually skied them,like I said I would like to see you try one.having said that there is no substitute for demoing if able but not all of us can. that is why I bought both the axis x & the pro set them both "for me" not demo bindings both with marker 1200 piston,new ski tune,tried them both multiple days kept the one that suited me best.both me & fox among others love the pro except in moguls-me the axis x is better in moguls but I expect my mach s will be better in moguls than the axis x ,I can't wait to find out. oboe loves the bandit xx & describes himself as a mediocre skier but it works for him.if he had listened to all the naysayers he might not have even tried the bandit xx.
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I wouldn't have told Oboe to avoid the BanditXX because he buys new skis quite often.

For someone who will ski hard for several years, the Bandit's foam core will result in performance that diminishes much faster than a wood core ski. This is why I don't own Bandits, despite the fact that I skied the Bandit X and XX and liked them pretty well.

The Bandits are good for people who either don't ski many days per year, or who ski many days per year but replace their skis every season.

I notice you seem to have bought into matter's chief problem with my opinions on skis. Okay, as an academic issue, you may be somewhat correct. However, NOBODY in my area has an Axis X Pro to demo. So I have to rely on a friend who knows my skiing and the true differences between the Pro and the regular Axis X.

Not all of us have trash $$ to buy 2 skis/bindings sets and then choose one, sell the other. I sure don't. Like many others, for some skis I have to rely on others' opinions. The real issue then becomes, "can you trust that person's opinion?" For skis, I trust Keith Dustrud. End of story.
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Gonzo I used to race tunnel boats,we were a low budget team that ran top five everywere we raced,we tested hard,rigged bullet proof,drove smart.what we did not do was copy what every one else was doing,a lot of people do that because they think what is doing best for someone else must be the best for them even though that is not always the case,just like any situation the total package is what matters most,in skiing it would be height ,weight ,ability ,tecnique , preferance of terrain ,speed ,it takes no effort to copy but you will always follow.I know what you mean about not finding a pro to demo.that is one of several flaws in trying to test skis,heavy rental bindings,dead skis,bad tune,improper wax,right length if they do have the ski you want to try.when I was in summit county I could not find a k2 mach s or mach g to demo, I had already checked on the axis x & pro & found few to demo & new stock would be low or sold out when I got there feb 1rst.so I shopped hard ,found some deals
after my trip I sold the axis x gave someone a good deal & I still have less in my pros than alot of people.it cost me approx 75.00-100.00 to own the axis x to me it was worth it because I got to do a real world side by side comparison ,not so sure about trash money alot of people have multiple pairs of skis.I work hard so I can play hard ,my choice.
patiently waiting for next season
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I teach full time, am a level II PSIA cert, and "pro repped" last year for K2.

I will go out on a limb and say anyone who says there are huge differences between the skis is a little foolish.

If you want to go fast....go long

If you want to make quick turns.....buy the Mach S or wait for next years ski.

Length is going to makr the biggest difference. I'm 5'10" 180, and ski 150-160 cm skis.
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Since my name has already been mentioned, I may as well chip in...
My stats: 6ft, 170lb (I think), skiing for about 20 weeks in total. Nowhere to demo skis where I live, and no options on paying through the nose at resorts, when I can get better deals at home.
Previous Skis: K2 Black Magic 178s
What I was looking for: More speed, stability, stiffness and something better suited to all mountain.

My choice: K2 Axis X Pro 181 with Salomon 810 PowerAxe Plus bindings (currently set at 8).

My reasons:
1. A friend skied on the Mod X the previous year, and I saw the improvement in his skiing.
2. I tried to convince myself that this ski would last me for many years (even though I know I'll change it in a couple)
3. I wanted a ski above my current ability, so I could grow into it (not always a smart move, but who ever said I was smart). I reckon I'll be fit to get the real benefits out of them in about 10 years!
4. My ego. I like to have the latest and the best whether I need it or not.
5. I got them at cost, cause I helped design a web site for a ski shop. He ordered in one pair, just for me!

Now that I have them, I love them, and have recommended them to many people.

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Probably made your decision by now but ---
Like yourself, am about 6ft, 200lb, 51yrs old and do about 10-15 days a year but as always would like to do more.Have skied for about 20 years.
Demod ModX 188 a couple of times (along with many other skis - I like to torture myself) but bought AxisX 181 for the start of the New Zealand season so have had this season on them.
Found the 181 appeared short at first after 200cm (kept wondering where the extra 20cm had gone!) but after a few days have found this lenght great. Of interest,I note that K2 seem to have dropped the longer 195 from the range and my personal choice has always been to go one step down from the longest length despite what my weight and size should dictate.
Find they are magic compared to my previous skis that were about 8 years old. Go anywhere and do anything.The transition from groomed to cut up snow is wonderfull and don't get that moment of hesitation that I used to get. Don't find them flash on ice, but who skies on ice!
These are true go anywhere and do anything skis for the cruiser which in all fairness,we probably are. They will make you look much better than you are! Totally forgiving and get me out of all sorts of ugly situations that would have had me down in a heap with my older skis.
Don't go too long and the Axis XP will proably be a little hard unless you like to travel at "warp speed"
Yours from "down under"
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In case anyone was wondering, I did go with the Axis X Pro (174's). I picked it over the Axis X because of the Pro can handle easturn ice better and the fact that they were not going to make them anymore spurned my decsion. Also all the reviews on both skis (even the mod x and mod x pro), no one ever said that they wish they didn't get the pro. It almost ski season and I am stoked. My brother is shopping for skis as well. He is 5'9 250lbs, 39 years old. He is a really good skier that just moved to New Hampshire. He is thinking about getting the Atomic C11:18. Is that a good ski? I never have skied on Atomics before. Any other suggestions for him. Thanks in advance for all the advice!

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I think if you have done your homework & it sounds like you have, you will be pleased [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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