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International Shipping

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First, I'd like to say thanks again to Jed, Dave, Steve, and many others for the compliments both public and private.

No ski shop can possibly hit the nail on the head every single time on every single subject, and with every single customer. Nevertheless we DO try and special things like custom boot fits, occasionally skiing with customers, and IMO extensive product knowledge are things that we take pride in offering.

So.........................About the international shipping thing. The following is an excerpt from a dealer agreement. It is fairly representative of all the agreements that we have to adhere to.

This segment starts with a number "shall nots" leading to the following............"nor to sell XXX products directly or indirectly over the internet from any site other than the approved site, nor to sell XXX products for delivery outside the Territory"

"As used in this document, "site" and "XXX products" have the meanings specified on exhibit X attached hereto, and Territory means the United States"

I hope this clarifies our position.

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Thanks Jim!
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