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I just purchased a couple of new ski jackets from an on line outlet Overstock.com The brand is Serac. I'm vary impressed with these Jackets. Good looking (what can i say if I can't ski good might as well look good ) They have all the right features. Good venting Water Proof Beathable stretch fabric (8000 WB rateing)lots of useful Pockets and a kick A** price of $79.00 The Other Jacket has insulation and sold for $63.00. Right now Overstock is offering shipping of $1.00. If your in need of a new jacket to replace that 20 year old North face that is now more duct Tape then fabric. check them out. by the way I don't work for Overstock. I just thought others out there might like to hear about what i think is a really good deal on a fine ski jacket.
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Serac has been around for a great while; I have an anorak/jacket made by them in the early '90s (before DWR). The cut and comfort were superb; the materials and design not quite so (I lost more stuff out of the kangaroo pouch than I care to name because it had two buttons instead of a zipper.

Overstock dot com used to be a lot better (bigger selection) when they were just gear.com
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