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RX8 vs. 5 star

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I currently have Fischer RX 4's. I like them alot but feel it is time to upgrade. I will probably support Dawgcatching and buy from him because of the support he has given the Epic ski community.

My short list includes Fischer RX8 and Volkl 5 star. Does anyone have a comparison of both. I've read many of the threads on both skis and was curious if anyone has skied both and can compare/contrast the two.

Also, what is Heads (or other companies) answer to these skies?

I am an east coast ice skier comfortable on the blues and easier blacks.

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RX8's over 5*'s.

In my opinion. Try to demo if you can.
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The RX8 is a better ski than the 5 Star... but also take in consideration that it may NOT be a better ski for someone looking to find a ski to learn on. Both are great skis, but the 5 Star may be easier to learn on and promote less bad habbits than an RX8. Comperable heads wold probably be in the XRC category... The SW 1200 skis more like a GS ski, so would compare to the Superspeed and RX9. The i.SuperShape is a great ski, but has a narrower waist than you would be looking at with the 5 Star and RX8 (I think). Regardless the supershape, although I have not skied it, looks like an EASY ride - great for learning.
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AS a learning ski, don't sell the RX6 short. Dawgcatching has posted on this ski recently and says it gives you much of the performance of the RX8 in an easier and less costly package.
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I agree that the RX-8 is a better ski, but it's a very demanding ski. I would only recommend this for carving pros.

The Volkl 5* is more comparable to the RX-6. Both are much more forgiving than the RX-8.

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Thanks everyone. I actually owned RX6's for one day (they were stolen) and then I bought left over RX4's because pricewise they were what I could afford as a second pair of skis within a weeks time. I demoed RX8's at the beginning of last year, but admittedly I did not ski well enough then to appreciate the ski or realize the differences. I did note they were much more demanding and required a "driver" where the RX4's "ski" for you.

I looked at some of the web sites for the Catskill and Birkshire area mountains....who demoes Volkls? Also, I have 165cm Fischers. The Volkls come 161 or 168cm; my guess is 3cm either way does not matter, but if you had to choose, do you go shorter or longer?

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What is your height and weight?
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Originally Posted by Robscapes
What is your height and weight?
I'm 5'9', 175 pounds, in good shape. I've been skiing now for 3 years (after a 23 year break). I take several lessons per year. I don't even bother asking instructors what they thik I should ski because they are biased (often, not always) by what brands are sold at there mountain's shop and by what they are given to use by the area reps.

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Hi Scott K,

I can help you with the 5 stars...this year. (in 04' they beefed em up quite a bit so be careful in the year you look for)

I have this years in a 175...5 star..again, if you ask folks..ask em if there expereince on a 5 star was 03' or older..if so..not the same ski as now..although it has always been a great ski.

Me: 6' 197lbs. level 9 on the groomed...

My five stars are a 175..I can hit over 50mph carving along.(little GPS device anyway reads that in my pocket) and they hold better than any other non race ski I have skied and at a that is a bold, but true experience, given my size. Volkl edge hold is nearly second to none...generally speaking again..non race skis...Atomic is there too in that area. The neat trick is they ski super easy...I mean huge sweet spot!!! I have skied other race skis that go faster..over the many years..but these are a neat combo...

At this size...the radius is like 14+ so they truly do any time of turn..small and high speed arcs. I can pop off a dozen small radius and then change it up. One thing...they ski great everywhere, however if you start getting into 4" or so more loose snow..loose em for a set of wider boards..they dont do as well given their 68 waist.

Never skied the Fisher's but they are larger in size a bit..I believe. didnt give your dimensions...but my advice is to ski em short...due to their incredible construction.

Hope this helps.
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my 2 cents on the 5*
I am 5'6" 150 lbs lower level expert (ski about 60-70 days a .pretty much every thing smoothly (except tight trees) usually at Copper/Vail) and am on 161cm 5*..I have both the 2002-2003 and the 2004-2005 models..these are very different skis..the 2004-2005 model (same as this years) is pretty stiff. Excellent carver and rips at high the point of being unflapable in the 161 length for my ability/size..comes alive at speed and is pretty versatile within reason ...nontheless it is pretty demanding at times... but I was more used to a more forgiving all mountain ski type in the past (ie K2 ModX)

The 2002 model is pretty soft and is a pretty good bump ski..not as stable at speed..but better in crud/moguls

I like both versions (would love to buy a pair of older ones)...but I think the 5* could be too much ski for cousin (a 25 years of experience veteran patroller) hated his and bought some AC3's..the 5* were too demanding..

If the RX-8 is better than the 5* it is a hell of a ride!!!
Would love to demo a pair sometime!!!

Both Fischer and Volkl make great skis (I have an old pair of BigStix which are my choice for powder/crud)
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The RX8 is definitely more ski than the 5*. The RX6 is more like that. Given your size, I'd suggest the 160 for tighter turns and lower speeds, the 165 if you want to kick in the afterburners.

You could go up to the RX8, but may find that some lessons would really help you adjust to them. They are capable of just about anything (more similar to the 6* or Allstar).
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Based on the responses, I should re-ask the question:

RX6 vs. 5*

I am interested in growing/improving. I am by no means an expert, just looking to get a ski to grow with me more than the RX4's. I could see another season with the 4's, but not beyond that.

Thanks again,
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I like the RX6. More lively and better snow feel. Other than that, they're pretty similar.
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The envelope of use and ability between these two skis is so close--but for me the deciding factor would depend on what sort of a bump skier are you?

If you are a straighter, more traditional short swing bumper go with the 5 Stars, if you are a more modern round turner in the mogulas, go with the rx8--both good skis and perrenial best of breed for cross skis. (however, FWIW-I prefered the K2 Crossfires).

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Like 'em damper, eh Liam?
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Moved from 6* to RX8's this year, have skied 5* and RX6's. IMO, the Fischers, step for step, are more about new school carving, and more fun when you get it right, than the respective Volkls. But not as happy in crud or at speed or skidding; less versatile. I'd think that if you ski the RX4 now, are at least a level 6/7, and plan to take lessons, you could move to the 8. If not, 6 would give you most of the same performance but lot easier to handle. Either will teach you to carve through positive reinforcement, while the Volkls will use negative (toss you when you make a mistake, but not make you whoop when you get it right.) Just my opinion.
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Originally Posted by ssh
Like 'em damper, eh Liam?
For this sort of ski-yeah! But, in wider skis I like a little more snap--

Truthfully, all these good turning 66-69 mm waisted cross skis are plenty lively enough due to shape/size and design-I haven't been on one yet (sx 10 is in this group) that I'd call really damp (though, yeah, compared to the others, the crossfire is fairly damp)
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I have both the 5-Stars (last season's) and the RX8's (same). The Fischers are capable of tighter turns, but like others have said, they are less versatile off the groomers. I don't notice a discernable difference in terms of which is easier to ski or has a larger sweet spot - I'm 6'2", 190 lbs. and am a couple notches below expert level.

Most days, I'll take the Fischers, and on days when there is fresh snow, I take my Solomon Scream Xtra Hots, so the Volkl's are getting left home a lot right now.
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Originally Posted by cal to colorado
The 2002 model is pretty soft and is a pretty good bump ski..not as stable at speed..but better in crud/moguls
Skiing 2002 (aka white and red without bedliner topsheet) 5*s in the bumps will have one result...bent skis.

I know this, because I had a demo fleet of them that year.
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