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Dogen, AR5, Chronic?

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Hey, I'm looking to pick up a present for my bro and and looking at these following skis. He is an aggressive skier and good enough to handle pretty much any ski. I know that most of you like the Karma and Public Enemy...i got the PE's cuz of advice, but since he already has a set of carving skis i wanted something that was more park but still be okay on groomed...we don't have much powder in the east.

I was wondering what people have heard/experienced with the
Armada AR5
Volkl Dogen
Line Chronics
(any other suggestions are welcome)

I have been hearing that Line Chronics are very popular but have been leaning toward the AR5 right now. I have done searches on this site and have been searching the internet for a while. I'm sorry if i have overlooked some previously posted info.
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Forgot to add these two.

Tanner Hall
Salomon Thruster

Thanks for any input
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The Dogen is very soft so it will probably suck on hardpack.

The Chronic is a better all mountain twin because it is stiffer.

I haven't been on the AR5s.
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Thanks for your input but I just pulled the trigger and went with the AR5.

Thanks to sierra jim for the awesome deal.
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