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Short Season

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Broke my wrist yesterday skiing. Looks like the season will be shorter than I thought. I will need screws to hold some parts together. Does anyone know what you can wear over a cast to keep your hand warm?
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muffler, fur hat, touque, large snowmobile mit. I wouldn't let that keep me off the slopes. Just don't fall on it again. What bones did your break?
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Keep your chin up !

7 yrs ago i broke my wrist in 5 places early on a great day , braced it -- with a velcro wrist wrap ,skied the rest of the day then went to the ER that nite got it cast and was skiing 2 weeks later -NOT well ---BUT skiing none the less .

I used very large size Mittens --but if u cant fit that over it take some woolen socks maybe 2 layers and cut them to fit over the cast .

Ski easier trails until the cast is off but hey its better than a leg break . I also did PT but took up guitar again as my own more emjoyable PT
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Saw somebody at Copper last week with some sort of neoprene sleeve over what looked like a broken wrist in a cast. Don't know if it was custom made or what, but they seemed to be having a great day.

Do you have to wear an *erector set* around the wrist? That might keep you off the slopes. FIL had to wear one after he broke his hand skydiving, and it was NOT activewear.

Heal well,
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Friend of mine broke bones in both hands in a fall a couple years ago. After the swelling subsided, they put casts on both hands. He wore some huge mittens that looked like sherpa hats. We all had to help him put on his boots, but otherwise he enjoyed skiing, just at a little more conservative pace.
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Sorry to hear about the injury. Let yourself heal and listen to the doctors. Maybe you'll be back sooner than you think. If you get the 'blues' remember that 'this too shall pass'.
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Um, a giant oven mitt?! I think you need a new nickname at any rate. Ski without stocks, it'll do your skiing a heap of good, but you'll have to resolve NO falling. It can be done (easily).
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How did you come up with the name Lucky?

Inquiring Bears want to know.
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I'm so sorry Lucky. I hope you're not in too much pain.
If you know someone who knits, get them to knit you a huge mitten..when I broke my thumb (which is nothing compared to your wrist injury), the instructor found me a huge mitten from lost and found (the ones that were abandoned), and put a huge rubber band around my wrist. Also, he put rubber bands around the ski pole for better grip.

keep your spirits up!
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Find a scuba shop or good boot fitter and get yourself some neoprene and just make yourself a custom wrap for your hand.

Sorry to hear about the break.

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Bummer deal....I had a similar, but less severe concern earlier this season (hyperextended thumb) and went on skiing. I skied with one pole (many people recommended no poles, but I liked having it in lift lines) until I was somewhat able to hold a pole again. Skiing moguls was weird, so I took the opportunity to rip groomers and focus on carving.
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I did something bad (not exactly sure what) to my left shoulder....seems to be mostly rotator-cuff related. Took a weekend off, and am taking it a bit easy so far. But not enough to call it quits.

Sorry to hear about the injury, & hope you heal up soon.
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Get well soon! I hope you're back on the slopes sooner than you think.
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speedy recovery

So sorry to hear that lucky, I hope you keep a positive attitude and have a speedy recovery. I broke my hand some summers ago and kept skating, I concentrated more and skated up more hills, it worked out fine. You will be better before you know it. I have never skied with a cast and I really can't say if I would, I might just focus on something else and wait till next season. If I did I would take a short quick turning ski (11m radius) and ski groomers.
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Thanks for all the kind responses and the info. I am going to the surgeon on tues. Once I get the cast on I will be able to do more. GoodSkiing to you.
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Fri. I go in for surgery. One plate, screws, and some pins. I was hoping for artho., but he's going to filet the arm.:
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Last year i saw a guy skiing with his arm in a sling, at MT Snow. His balanace was a little off, but he was skiing conservativly.
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Hand cover

A sock is what I used, Nice fat wool ones. Pulled over my parka quite easily.

Pole less skiing is good for you.

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