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Rossignol rubber soled boots

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I just saw a pic in a magazine.New for 02-03,rossignol enduro boot.
Four buckle "soft" overlap design,with standard looking "alpine" dimensions.
The sole is flatter than AT boots,with less rubber thickness(20-30% of heel-toe thickness) and it is treaded.
I can´t see the back but i guess(hope) there is a walk/ski switch of some sort.
Doesn´t look too aggressive(maybe it´s the pic) but the four buckles and the tall looking (by AT standards) cuff should make it interesting indeed.
I hope the idea catches on so we can stop customizing those scarpas,rubber soled race boots...someday!.
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Wow, thanks, sounds interesting -- any details on the weight?
Also, I heard a rumor that Rossi bought the long-languishing Emery AT binding -- any info on whether a new Rossi AT binding is in the works?
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Hey Jonathon, I don't know about the Rossi but Mountain Engineering (in Banff,AB) is the Canadian importer for Fritschi (as I understand it anyway) They tell me that they have a heavier duty version of the Titanal II called the 'Freeride'. It is supposed to have a more positive feel than the Diamir setup. Apparently Black Diamond isn't importing this binding to the US.

The folks I talked with upthere last week seem to really know their stuff. Might be an interesting call for you. They did say that there was a weight penalty though...how much I don't recall.

Regards, Mal (fromthe Caribbean this week, while it's dumping on Mt Hood, grrr...)
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After initially not importing, BD, without any fanfare, suddenly started to import the FR last month, and also (once again without any fanfare) dropped the Diamir II price to $169. (This after dropping it to $229 this past fall, from the prior season's $349 or so.)

Assuming you're going to use the brakes on the Diamir II, the weight penalty (as well as price differential) for the FR is surprisingly small. I performed a side-by-side comparison of the II and FR in a shop. Based on how well my Diamir Originals have held up, and given that I need a 12 DIN only for racing, and given that I could transfer my brakes over to the Diamir II, I ended up buying the Diamir II instead of FR. But my brother, who is much bigger than me, and who plans to use his AT setup mainly for lift served, got the FR.

Whatever you choose, it's great to have a choice within brands! Actually, I wish Fritschi had retained the Diamir Originals, especially since someone like my lightweight wife doesn't need the heavier bar of the Diamir II.
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Based on pics in SIA buyer's guide and latest Couloir mag plus an insider's quick peak at a prototype, Rossi appears to have taken their standard "Soft" part-leather/fabric boot and added a rubber sole w/ essentially no rocker. I think (although I might be overinterpreting the brief descriptions) Rossi might have two versions of the sole, one entirely rubber for AT boots, and one with a plastic section to interface w/ a standard downhill binding's afd. Sounds like they're not making any attempt to lighten what would be a very heavy boot for AT.
Far more exciting is the new Garmont G-Ride: just like the current GSM is an AT version of their Gara tele boot, this appears to be an AT version of their stiffer Squadra/Triple G line.
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