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Amazing Powder day at Squaw 1/19

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30in of light pow fell wednesday. so i hit squaw thursday. when I reached
the parking lot at 8am (lifts open at 9am) - it was half full.

This was the first time I was at a resort on a weekday prime powder day. It is quite an experience.

at 8am - the crowd at KT22 was about 50 deep. A ski patrol guy later told me there 20 pairs of skis at 630am in the line - when he got in.

I avoided KT22 and was up on the 2nd funitel car. As I was going up - it was quite a sight watching the KT 22 show as the first few skiers were hucking the fingers - down the nose of KT.

Headwall chair was was not turning yet. So went up on Siberia. Nice, dry, wind blown powder. By about 10 - I looked down to see a huge line waiting in front of Headwall. Those who could not wait were taking the reverse traverse up from Siberia bowl to the top of Headwall.

as Headwall and Granite chief opened around 1030 - the crowd moved to these 2 lifts. No lines at all at KT22.

Palisades opened around 11am. That was quite a show. saw bunch of people jump of the cornice and straight lining it down !!!!! Amazing!

By noon - the whole mountain was empty! no lines on any lift.
When I quit at 1pm - the parking lot was almost empty !!!

Fun, Fun day.
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I guess that is what they call a feeding frenzy.

Makes a midwesterner think about heading for different area if he/she is looking for a ski vacation at an area that will offer a chance of untracked powder lasting for more than a morning.
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I've had the pleasure too. What a sight and what a day!!

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Been there love that!
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I did Sugar Bowl. It didn't feel like deep powder, maybe 4-6". But as you say it's amazing how many folks show up mid-week. They opened up most lifts early, except Disney which opened around 10:30. Anyway by 11:00 I was done with maybe 20 runs, 3 or 4 of which were pristine lines. Folks were still arriving then, and finding great parking spots And they had good snow left off Disney.
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you are right about "deep Powder". all the resorts claimed 24-30in. but it did not feel like it. There were spots where the snow was above my knee caps - but most everywhere else it felt like 4-6". Wonder if it had anything to with the high winds the previous day.

but it was light and dry.
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Mt Rose had some of the lightest, driest snow I've experienced in the last two years in Tahoe. The Chutes were loaded up and DEEP on Thursday. Backcountry skiing in the Mt Rose Wilderness was totally off the hook on Friday!
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Marty, you witnessed a typical Squawlywood powder day. It is safe to say, all hype aside, the mountain has the most very good skiers per square capita anywhere in the ski world. I am glad you got to see it first hand, most regualr folks do not.
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