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Best only for powder ski

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I am sure this has been discussed before but could not find it when I searched. I am looking for a ski to add to my quiver that is for pow only 12 inches and above. I ski Sun valley for the most part 75-80 days a year,
ski on an atomic metron b5 for most days. Level 8-9, 52 years old grew up in the midwest just moved west 2 years ago, not much experience with powder, but we have been getting dumped on this year in Sun Valley so it is time for me to move to the bowls and learn. Any help? I have been thinking of the atomic Sugar Daddy or a Volant Genisi M.
Thanks in advance
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The Atomics can be VERY stiff and Gotama's also perform very well on packed snow. The Viscious would be a good choice too (not as stiff as the Gotama, but I find it rather versatile, and it matches the way I ski a little better), if you wanted a softer pow ski, the Made'n would be a great choice (especially if you don't want to power a ski in pow).

Some lesser know true pow skis would be Line Prophet 130's (130mm in the waist - the Prophet 100 is cheaper and more all mountain able, but still 100mm in the waist) or Armada JP vs Juliens or ANT's or the 4FRNT super MSP.
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The Gotama, seems to be the current ski of choice at Alta. Another fine Powder ski is the K2 Apache Chief. I have been skiing the Chief and find it an excellent Powder only ski.
Wait for a Big Dump Powder day sign up fora group lesson. Most likely you will be the only one in your group. A good instructor who knows what they are doing will turn you into a powder junkie in no time.
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Volkl Sumo. At 175 they are very manageable and the 120mm waist will keep you on top.

I also like the Sanouks. But if you are not use to skis over 190cm they might seem a little long a first.
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If you are skiing the B5 for everyday, and you want a dedicated powder ski, it is hard to beat the Sugar Daddy. they do ski long, but make skiing powder very easy and pleasant. Despite their 28 M radius, they crank out short radius turns in the trees just fine. This is my current quiver, a 162 MB5, and a 173 Sugar Daddy. Later, RicB.
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volant spatulas or something from
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