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Coming back from snowboarding, need advice please!

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Hey guys, first post. Found this site, and thought you guys might be able to give me some advice. Here's a little bit about me:

I'm from Michigan with a bit of western experience. I learned how to ski very young, and progressed fairly quick. The last time I had a pair of skis on was about 10 years ago at Squaw. My best friend and I were there for a spring break trip, and he was hurt very badly, to the tune of spending the week in the truckee hospital, and a very long recovery. After that traumatic experience, I kind of lost intrest in skiing, and focused on snowboarding. To that point, I was a pretty intense skier, IMO. I spent most of the time on the steepest stuff we could find, and loved to search for cliffs and thrived on the deep stuff. My idols were Scott Schmidt and Glen Plake (sans mohawk) if this helps.

With all the advancments in ski technology, I've decided to get back into it full time. I've gave up snowboarding and want to get my alpine technique back. I grew up skiing on Dynastars only because they seemed bullit proof to me, and I liked them.

So anyway, last year I bought a pair of Dynastar Intuitive 74's after reading a couple of good reviews. I thought they would be a good ski to help transitioning into the shaped ski world. I skiied them a one time in MI to get used to them, before going west for an annual trip and the trip didn't even happen. My only complaint trying them, is they seemed a little heavy.

Well, I've decided to get a full on set of shaped ski's. But I don't know what's good for my style. I'm going to Alta in a week and half for our annual trip, and I'm only bringing my boots. I want to demo the majority of time I'm there, and maybe buy a set while there.

So my question is, what should I look for? I'm kind of on a budget, so I'm most likely going to buy a previous year model if possible, and try to get a good deal. Anyone have any advice for a guy who's seen the light?

Thanks in advance.
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Let me be the first to welcome you to EPIC.

IMO you'll want to call ahead and set up some demo's with a shop out there. I'm sure someone will give you the phone numbers.

You'll want to look at skis with at least a mid 70mm waist up to about 14mm. If you only plan to use the skis for powder you may want to go wider.

I wish you had more time back home to demo and take lessons to learn the new movements before you develop bad habits. The new skis love you to be foward, stand up and stay out of the back seat. It's not as easy as one mite think.

If your as strong as you say, try the Volkl AC4. You didn't give us your size so we can't recommend a lenght. If your 5'11" 170-195lbs try 170cm.

There are alot of good skis out there, don't be so quick to buy "one".
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I'm 5'11 180, so 170's would be about right then? My Intuitive's are 182's, but obviously they don't feel very big since my last ski was around 200.. Thanks for the advice about calling ahead for demo info. I didn't even think of doing that.

Anyway, thanks for the advice, that's exactly what I was looking for.
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