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Loveland Yesterday

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A few Bears got out at Loveland yesterday. There was about a foot of new snow and in some spots close to two feet in spots where it had blown in.

The place was empty and we managed to catch untracked most all day. It was truely an Epic Powder day at Loveland !
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Glad to hear it Uncle Louie Was lift 9 open? Hope we get a day like that in April!
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Louie, I didn't know you were back in Colorado. How long ya here for? I had a great day at Breck last Monday with my 16 year old thanks to your guidance last spring. LewBob
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Sweet! I don't know that I'm going to get up at all this week, but I'm going to try (last fling before ESA!).
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LewBob....I'm off to Vail for the week starting tomorrow and back to ski Summit County Sunday before leaving Monday.

If I don't catch up with you this trip look for the "Lets Go colorado II" thread around early March, so maybe a few out of town folks can get out and have some fun.

I may not have internet possibilities starting tomorrow...unsure...If you don't see me logged in by Monday evening you'll know I'm out of luck for contacting here.
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Sounds like it's March. today was a big, but dissappointing, football day with the family. I am heading to Keysotne Monday for a little day trip. I hope I can get to together with you in March, though our condo rentals are filling up fast. Isn't Utah great?!! At least when there is fresh snow. Later. LewBob
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