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K2 Extreme question

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I'm an intermediate skiier that only manages to get out once or twice a year. A friend recently gave me a set of Lange Tii boots and an older pair of K2 Extremes (185s). I usually rent equipment when I go, but I'm going to try out tihs gear. I Like the boots, they couldn't be a better fit, but I don't know much about the skis. Can anyone give me some insight as to what to expect. Should I even bother with them or just rent a pair?

Thanks for any advice.
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The skis are from the early 1990's, the model was first introduced in 1993 I believe. It was an all mountain expert ski, one of the first non-race models ever accepted by 'expert' skiers as a legitamate high performance ski. If the bindings are original to the ski they are more than likely nonidemnified and would need to be replaced if you were to have them adjusted and tested. This will not be an immediate issue since you now have the boots that the binding is adjusted to, my advice would be to ski in the boots and rent a modern shape ski. You'll have a lot more fun and progress faster. Technology has left those skis behind. Ski more, it's good for you!
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Thanks very much for the advice. I appreciate it.
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The new shaped skis are so much better than the old technology that it is almost like cheating. Did you ever play baseball or softball? It's like comparing a wood bat to the new metal alloy bats.
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The K2 Extreme was a good ski when they were new but had primarily a foam core and wore out very very quickly. I had a pair and so did about 6 people I know and we all found the ski's performance to deteriorate very fast.

I would second the opinion to look for some newer shaped skis.
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Especially since you haven't been skiing on old, skinny skis for many years.

K2 Extreme only dates back to the early 90's? I thought those guys were introduced in late 80's (as well as the Lange Ti's).

Wasn't that the Schmidt ski along with the North Face Extreme apparell? At least, keep the skis as a collector item! I wish I had not given away my old Rossi SM's and ST's.
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