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East powder ski Question w/ bonus reviews

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I'm lacking brevity today; I apologize. Here's my question and current stats, with added details below:

What would be a good powder ski for the east?

Current Ski Make: Dynastar
Ski Model: Ski Cross 66
Ski Length: 170
Snow Conditions Used In: everything
Number of Days Used: 50
Your Ability: 9
How Many Years Have You Been Skiing: 19
Avg. Days per Year Skiing: 35
Other Skis You Like: Atomic SX -11;
Your Height/Weight: 5' 7:/ 145 lbs

The priority is powder performance in the trees, but I'm a spoiled brat and I need more. Inevitably, I'll bring them some day expecting powder, only to find bulletproof everywhere. So, it would be nice to find something that'll crank out some gs turns on the hardpack. I don't mind a ski that takes some muscle to hold a turn, but I don't want something that takes a ton of energy to initiate one. I like plenty of rebound energy too.

If I'm still in the east next year, I'm screwing the season pass idea and going wherever the snow is. I hope to get a lot more powder in than years past. Probably a lot of Jay, Stowe, Bush, etc.

I'm just gonna go ahead and give my experience on various skis. Maybe I can get some input on how my experiences translate to reading other reports on skis (from this forum and from Peter Keelty, Ski Press, etc)

Dynastar Ski Cross 66 (170): Love this ski. Any turn shape is easy. Smooth, solid feel. Tons of rebound energy. Great edge grip. Gets thrown in spring conditions. Doesn't float in powder.

SX 11 (170): Given the right conditions, this ski is an absolute blast. It rips across the fall line faster than anything I've been on. I don't ski it a whole lot because for me they're a lot of work on steep stuff ( ~ 30 degrees or more). IMO they have a wide range of turn shapes, but when you have to force them into something tight they don't like it much.

Solomon Crossmax 10 (170): Good turn initiation and rebound. Very round carve, but not as solid a feel as dynastar and atomics. Not great in hop turn steeps (doesn't skid well).

Volkl Supersport 5 Star (168): Smooth turn shape. Stiff tail. Adapts well to various turn shapes. You can feel vibrations a little more than the dynastar and atomic.

Atomic R11:20 (2002-2003) (170): Good solid, smooth feel. Excellent edge grip. Didn't find them bad in bumps. Great at GS turns, but not enough rebound for me in shorter turns. Sounds like the R:11 Puls would be a good choice for me for a 1 ski quiver.

Head IM75 (175): Can't say I loved this ski. Didn't get a chance to ski in soft stuff, other than a bit of corn. On hardpack they weren't very quick to get on edge for me and the rebound energy is moderate. Hold a nice smooth carve though.

Rossignol B2 (170): Very easy turn initiation. Handled crud and variable fine. Not a ton of rebound, but they release very easily. Maybe too easily. Decent edge hold, but got nervous on fast, gs turns (ie, felt like they wanted to let go).

Nordica Beast 92 (166): Liked these quite a bit. Easy to turn. Great rebound. Good float. Felt a little flappy in choppy stuff. Next size is a 177. Seems like that would be a bit much for tight spots. Splitting the difference would be good I think.

Dynastar Legend 8000 (165): Saw a guy with these and asked how he liked them. Told him I was dying to try them. He asked if I wanted to try them. Turns out he's a dynastar rep. Great turn iniation and rebound. Very quick for a wider ski. Nice smooth carve feel, but kinda missed the solid feel of a plate. To me, the way I got bounced around on slushy bumps, it felt like how a soft ski responds. He told me they were stiffer than my Ski Cross 66's and that's why I was getting bounced. Curious how the 172 would be. I'm a little leary of that, with people saying to go short on these. My 66's felt so sluggish in the slush after using these.

Skis I haven't tried that I'd consider:

Dynastar Legend 4800
Atomic R:Ex
Fischer Big Stix 7.5(6), 8.0
Elan Mantis 662, 777
Solomon Hot
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dynastar litle big fats 168's
line mavericks

were the legend 8000's super fat
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dynastar litle big fats 168's
line mavericks

were the legend 8000's super fat
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Try the Pocket Rockets and the Karmas.
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Mantis 662 is the jammy.

Sollie Hot and X-hot are phat too.

How bout Axis XP, my new favorite plank?
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Solomon extras and blizzard titans both suit the bill.
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Demo the 662
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Atomic metron b5.
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I'm on the Head iM85, they're good for everything.
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I also would suggest that you take a look at the Mantis 662 (666 for next year).

You will never confuse the 662 with a true SL ski in quickness and edge hold, but for a freeride ski (meant for Western conditions), the 662 is outstanding.
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I think a good measuring stick would be the B2. It's in the ballpark of what I'm looking for and I know overall it was a pretty good ski, but I THINK I could do better.

How would the B5, 662, Xtra Hot, and PR compare in turn initiation, quickness, stability, edge grip, and rebound?

Thanks a bunch, if anyone has any input.
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Based on various reviews:

The 662 is probably the best in rebound and quickness. Especially the the 168cm version.

Xtra Hot is probably best in stability.

662, B2 and Xtra Hot are probably similar in edge grip.

662 & B2 are probably tops in turn initiation. However, the longer versions of the 662 become less manoverable very quickly.

The PR is really not in the same category.
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