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Telluride Lift Tickets

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I will be in Telluride the second week of February. Can anyone offer suggestions on the best place to buy lift tickets? Thanks.
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yeah, at $76 a pop I could use some help in this category as well.
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Tride Lift Tix

I've been going to Telluride for the past 5 years and the only discount tickets I've seen have been pre-season offerings. This year I purchased a 6 day pass for $275, but that deal ended in October.

The best I've seen for later purchase is a small discount that is offered by buying online telski.com.
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The best deal on T-ride lift tickets is to stay out of town. If you stay in Rico, Ridgeway or Ouray you get 1/2 lift price tickets. The last two places each have public hot springs, but you are looking at a commute of about 45 min., provided the roads are good. Other than that the only deals I am aware of come from the hotels in town through package deals. They had an early season T-Card for $40 which gives you the 1st day "free" and then a 25% discount ($57) on any days after that, with no black out dates, so it would have been a good buy for anyone going this winter. Best advice is probably to hang out at the ticket window at the bottom of the gondola in town and hope to find someone selling one.
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