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Have you used and liked Breeze Ski Rentals?

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I'm going to Steamboat and Vail for a week each in February and I want to rent my skis there. I've searched the web and it seems that Breeze Ski rentals has shops at both and they might be the place to go.

I want to get the discount for booking on-line so I have to book soon but I wanted to know if anyone recommended Breeze or any others on the mountain. I think I can leave my skis there overnight too.
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I am personally not a fan of Breeze. I don't rent, but we have rented for various visiting relatives, and the skis at Breeze seem pretty beat up to me.

That said, I am a fan of rentskis.com. They have locations in both Vail and Steamboat, and my experience has been that their skis are in better shape. Location in Vail is Vail Sports, which is also a great place for *real* demos of specific skis, so if you're wanting to try something specific, you could also call ahead there and see what they can do.

Are you excited for your trip? Snow's awesome in these parts!

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How's Vail ski tech?

Hi Mollie,
yep getting excited - not only because I can escape the heat and humidity of QLD Australia where I live - it's been the hottest December ever - more days over 35C and often 90% humidity! No doubt those of you in the colder climes are jealous right now!! Think tropical island - I live at the beach!

I need to get fitter though, so give me some hints Mollie!

Never been to Steamboat, but am looking forward to some of that Champagne powder!

Rentskis didn't get a good report here before. What about Vail Ski Tech?
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To be fair, we haven't used the rentskis.com folks at Vail, only at Copper, but I have used the demo department at Vail Sports, where rentskis.com is located. They have a good group of demo people and pretty good skis.

Vail Ski Tech also has good demos. I have also demo-ed from Christy's (OK) and Gorsuch, which is expensive, but very cush and easy, and they take stellar care of their skis. Lots of out-of-country folks use them for week-long demo-quality rentals. They might be worth contacting as well, although, as I say, they are expensive (and don't have a branch in Steamboat).

I have never actually been to Steamboat, though I come from many generations of Coloradans. Gotta get there one of these days.

As for fitness, just be sure to drink lots of water and adjust to the altitude when you get here. Vail's base area is at 8,150ft, and it's very dry here, so it's incredibly easy to get dehydrated.

Snow is FANTASTIC this year. It's even been snowing on the plains last day or so, and the mountains just keep getting more. I think Vail has about two feet in the last week, on top of many, many feet in December and early January. Awesome coverage. I am actually headed to Snowmass on Saturday. Will ski a couple days there and then ski Vail next Wednesday with my Dad. Yay!

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breeze skis - incredible upper end deals

My buddy just rented brand new Rosi B2's (2006) from Breeze. My experience is that their upper packages have incredible skis to rent.

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Thanks Gschlact. do you know which place he rented them from? We're going to Steamboat and Vail and Breeze has shops at both.

A poster Mollie said she thought they were a bit "banged up" from Breeze Vail
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I've used Breeze (specifically the Ski Times Square location in Steamboat) before and been happy. I only have experience with their high performance demo line though, good stuff. I'd imagine most everyone's low end rental line will be beat up garbage, but the performance line is good.
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THe place he got the Rosi's was in Keystone at the Gateway.
However, I am fairly sure most of the Breeze have similar high end selections.

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Be careful

I taught for several years at Steamboat and would not recomend Breeze. It seamed like every pair of skiis that was teched wrong came from there. Once a week or so I would have an issue and had to burn lesson time getting it sorted.

This was 5 or so years ago and the may have turned it around. It can only take one lazy tech to give you a bad rep, but i would be leary.

I have also work as a ski tech and don't blame the tech first. But a set of skiis with matching #'s that are set to different sole lengths is the shops fault.
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I can recommend SportStalker at Gondola Square in Steamboat. They demo every ski they sell (I think), especially the high end models. I've demo'ed at least a couple of days each time we've vacationed at the 'Boat, and have always received courteous and knowledgable help from their shop staff.

As an aside, the former head of their shop opened a performance tuning center a year ago called Edgewerks, also in Gondola Square. They tuned my Atomic SX11s last year, and did a great job - and they told me the correct base/edge angles, before I could ask.
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