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Telluride conditions

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I am heading to Telluride on Sunday and was wondering if there are any Telluride skiers on the board. It looks like they are getting some snow everyday for the next day or so.

How has it been? Where are some good places to ski?
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13" in the last 24 hrs and still snowing, and that makes 21" in the last week, but the base is still hovering in only the low 40s, which leaves stuff showing on a lot of the steeps. Skied there weekend before last and the cover was not too bad. Everything was in pretty good shape except for Gold Hill, which was skiable but still a major rock dodge, but the new snow should have helped. Don't miss lift 6, especially if it gets crowded on Lift 9. Silver Glade, Zulu Queen and the glades around them are shaded and always have good snow. Avoid the entire Apex Glade side unless it is a very sunny afternoon and it has softened up a little. I would also avoid Lower Plunge which is always very rocky and woody. Everything else off Lift 9 will have good snow.

Don't miss Happy Thought and Log Pile which are not real obvious. Also the West Drain below Log Pile is a classic "run" that is only 1-2 mogals wide. It will probably be more exciting (and obstacles) than you want, but I guarantee you will be talking about it after your trip. Enjoy!
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Thanks. I am so excited to get off the east coast for a couple of days. As long as it is steep and skiable I am a happy man.
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mtl1076: If you like steep try Happy Thought from the top. You traverse in through the trees from the top of lift 6, but last time I was there it was not marked so ask a local. Also try Genevive (SP?), which is a short hike to the left off the Prospect Lift. Both are pretty short but have nice gravity feed for your turns. I assume you will not have any trouble finding the Spiral Stairs. Both sides ski nicely but take the exit on skiers right when you get to the treed shelf near the bottom or you will be jumping over rocks.

It is starting to sound so good I just may be there myself on Sunday.
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