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Tall Skinny Dude Looking for Freeride Ski's (I think..)

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Hey Everyone! First off I have to say that these forums are an incredible resource, I've spent the last two days pouring over old threads, reading till my eyes got bloodshot. But, I still haven't been able to figure out what kind of ski I should be looking at getting.

Me: I'm a 26 y.o. male, 6'3" and 170 lbs. I started skiing at the age of 12 and can ski anywhere on the mountain. I know my form isn't the greatest and I sometimes I look like a headless chicken when skiing double black moguls but I like to think that I'm at least a strong advanced skier. I just got back into skiing after a 4 year foray with snowboarding and a two years of skiboarding (99cm) and last year I didn't go at all.

Well, on Monday I went skiing for the first time since i was 19 and MAN, why did I ever quit!?! I had a blast, the Iron Cross and Daffy came right back to me and now the only thing is that I really could stand to upgrade the equipment. My skiis are 96' K2 TRC in 185cm. I have enjoyed these skis for the three seasons that I actually skied them but I don't think they are really what I'm looking for with all the new options out there.

To classify my riding style I'd say that I freeride, I'm always looking for some steep relatively untouched stuff and I hit every jump I can find along the way. But, I'm not a spinner, I just like to go big and air it out. Now, what usually ends up happening is the morning is great lots of good snow and I'm just crusing finding all the trees I can and hitting every fresh bump or drop that I can. After lunch it's all tracked up and I'm skiing on soft/crud moguls and jumping quite a bit. Then when the sun starts setting at 4:15 (I'm in Alaska) we're relegated to groomed runs where the lights are untill closing at 5:30. And I actually really enjoy this part of the day as well, that's one area where my TRC's do great, I cant straight line those ski's and don't know that I've ever gone too fast. But if I have to sacrifice one aspect of performance it would be to loose a little of the racey feel. And I'm also not a major park guy, I might find a rail or two but it's not that important.

Given all the above it seems to me that a ski like the Karma, Mojo 90 or Mad Trix Mojo, or Atmoic Stomp would be great skis but I'm just really not sure. And I also have no idea on length as I haven't skied a ski like these yet. Although I do think that my skiboards (yes, I'm also cringing right now) taught me pretty decent balance and two foot carving technique.

The last item of business is price. I'm looking for skis on the cheap, no new stuff here unless it's 1-2 seasons old. Absolute max is $400 for skis and bindings and I'll probably get em off FleaBay. If you can think of any ski's I should be looking at let me know. Thanks!
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K2's Public Enemy (179cm) would fit the bill perfectly for you, imo. They're a great all mountain twin tip and can always be found cheap on ebay. Last years (new) go all the time for less than $250 or so. My son's on his 2nd pair of these and just loves them.
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I second what the Coach says!
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Volkl Karma, if you can find a pair...
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if you can pull an Iron Cross and a Daffy, and spent a few seasons on snowlerblades, you can ski anything! even pencil skis!

but seriously, if your max is $400 you should be checking the "bargain bin" sections of various online ski retailers. for example, www.untracked.com
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Thanks for the great input, I had never really considered the PE's because of their graphics and I figured they were just park punk ski's. Having read some more about them it looks like I'm not the only one to be suprised that they are good for more than just jibbin. I think I'm going to keep my eyes open for a good deal on the 06's because of the 85mm waist. From what I hear they don't ski a lot different than the 80's but do have a little more float.

What do you think about the RailFlex bindings to go with? Since my feet are so big and I don't weight that much I ski with a DIN of 6 - 7. I can get the Tyrolia SL10 RailFlex for $70 off ebaY which seems like it'd be a great deal for being able to adjust the bindings back for pow in the morn and forward for groomers in the evening. The only thing that concerns me about those is the stand height of 33mm and the stability of jumping. I guess it probably wouldn't be any less stable than the toothpicks I'm on now.
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if you try to find 06 PE's, you are probably going to have to go cheap on the bindings. The 06 is wider than previous years, but only 5mm, given your weight, I'd still go for the 03/04 or 04/05 with the 80mm waist, plus, having all three years PE's, the 80mm waist is a more "automatic" ski. For the 06 I hade to get used to the extra 5mm in the waist and it is stiffer too (you have to be more forward on the 06 than previous years).

Other skis you might want to consider given your $400 limit would be older Pistols (95mm waist), Karma's (if you can find em in your range), Head Mojo's and Atomic Tweaks (a very underated twin, but you have to watch the bindings, many have had problems with the heel peice pre-releasing). All of these are great all mountain skis, but the PE has remained the best "bang for the buck" skis on the market, in my honest opinion.

As far as bindings, I would recomend a two peice binding over a one peice or plate binding, especially if there is any chance you venture into the park.
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i ski the atomic stomps and the first 2 days i skied (powder days) them i was amazed. they were the most stable skis i had jumped into the powder. the next day was chopped up and groomers. i almost gave them up right there. it was prevously (sp) on a pair of 173 k2 enemys and moved to the 186 stomp. the stomps didnt turn nearly as quick. after getting used to them i decided i like the way they turned fine and they r alot more stable than my enemys at speed. as far as bindings the only ones i will go near is the rossi axial/look bindings. this year they changed them for the worse (IMO). i got the skis for 220 new and the bindings for 65 used. they have enough waist (88mm) for anything i want to do. the flex seems just right. after learning to turn the ski i really like them and think they r perfect for what i need. cant say anything about the park for them since jackson has had more than its fair share of powder days this year.
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oh and on the 04/05 stomps u dont need to use atomic bindings.
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Just an update. I picked up a pair of 2004 Atomic R:ex 177's with bindings for $99 to hold me over until spring, then I'm going to try and snag either the Karma or PE's for a better price than what they're going for now. Thanks for all your input!
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