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Arapahoe Basin

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Accidentally clicked a worn out old computer mouse twice on the submit button. Nothing to see here!
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Here are my thoughts. As for venturing away from ABasin, I would say check out Vail just for the sheer magnitude of terrain. Although pricey, the bowls are so expansive that I think every skier should ski it at least once.
I also like Copper a lot.

You say you're an advanced Michigan skier? You'll certainly enjoy the softer snow and lack of ice in CO. As for preping yourself, I would increase your water intake several days before leaving and continue drinking a lot of it after arriving. ABasin was (or still is) the highest lift served area in the US. Although your body will adjust after a couple of days, this is the one factor that I think will have the most impact. Take it easy the first couple of days.

The comment that 'you don't really know how to ski until you've been out west' is baloney unless they're talking about skiing powder. I think those that learned to ski in the east/midwest are just as proficient (if not more so) because of the often inferior snow/ice.
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I'm sure others will kick in with more than I can offer, but imo everybody needs to ski A Basin at least once.

If you're in to amenities and glitz, AB is as far from that as you can get, but the skiing is fantastic, and they don't get the masses that the other summit co resorts get. They have plenty of intermediate and advanced terrain available, as well as expert terrain if you're up to it.

Outside of A Basin? Keystone is right down the road maybe 15 minutes away. Copper and Breck are a short drive away as well. For planning purposes, if you plan to hit a few resorts, be aware of the fact that you can ski the Vail resorts (Vail, BC, Breck, Keystone) and A Basin off the same ticket if you purchase your tickets through Vail's Peak program.
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