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Canadian Mazda3 owners

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I guess technically this is ski gear, but moderator, feel free to move it.

I'd really like to get a factory roof rack that installs in the rain gutters, but apparently Mazda USA doesn't offer one for the 3 sedan. Anybody know different? Especially the Northern neighbors - I know you guys have some different options than we do.

If that doesn't work out, does anyone want to share their good &/or bad experiences with the aftermarket racks? I know they must work or they wouldn't be so popular - but I'm hesitant to start sticking things in the door sills. I can just imagine it making the seals leak, etc.

In the meantime, I'm grateful for fold-down rear seats; I'm sure that's the real reason why skis have gotten shorter!
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Isn't it better that your skis are inside the car anyway?.. I mean, when they're outside, they have to deal with the elements that you drive through...
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Yeah, I like them inside, but in the future I'd like to be able to take more people along. I envision putting the skis in some kind of bag before putting them on the rack.
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If you need to take more people, pool together money and rent an SUV for the day/week. The amount of times you actually end up doing that will probably be the same price as the rack.
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