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Cheap skiing Attitash

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I was gonna put this in the resort forum but I was fearful no one would see it there....we all know ol hrstrat57 likes to share...especially regarding cheap and (even better) free stuff. Hey epicski is about sharing right?

Well, sadly this one ain't free. Cheap it is

Just got my daily Attitash email newsletter so this is hot off the press....

Founders day Attitash Bartlett NH first 400 lift tix sold...$7.50

Get up early and go get em! Friday January 27



Now as for this tennis/ golf weather, can't help ya there....where's my bag of racquets?: Or maybe time to break out the Callaways a little early....
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Remember you heard it here first. I think the end of next week, we are going to get dumped on. Really heavily dumped on. Im thinking feet. 7.50 lift tickets, and a prediction thats just about as good as true already.
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"Dumped on?" you are being sarcastic, right?

How is Attitash now?

It was really, really nice two weeks ago. Loved it. but I was thinking of going tomorrow, and I dont think I should bring my skis, more like my kayak. Paddle down Ptarmagains.....
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Just remember at the end of next week when we get hit. Doesnt seem like it now does it, but Ive got this incredible feeling. If I could buy stock in the weather, I would- next weekend is going to be incredible and finally these "January Thaw" threads can stop.
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dont know, Brock. Its sunday, at the end of this week, and I haven't seen anthing yet! I think you need some new Tarot Cards, or a new Crystal Ball.

Unless the few inches we are supposed to get tomorrow turns into a blizzard....
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It's supposed to snow tomorrow and the day after. I didn't know it was going to be a lot..I'm going to do the Blizzard dance! I meant to go skiing this weekend, but the mountain nearby looks brown, so I stayed in.
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i used to live in North Conway

i feel sorry for you all
now i live at crested butte, co

it makes me laugh even thinking about skiing attitrash
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LindaA, Neeexxt weekend. Theres supposed to be snow Thursday (dont know the amount) but I still have that feeling for the weekend. Snowing in MA right now...how about up in north country?
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Just a couple of inches, from what I understand. We (southern NH) got the "Jackpot" with a whole four inches. wow.

Ok, I'm counting on your ESP. It better snow soon.

Although I did do some night skiing at Pats Peak friday....it was like, fifty five degrees, but the slush held up pretty well! I was surprised. It was like spring skiing. Nice.
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