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K2 Apache Outlaw 188 - Ski Review

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Skier Profile: 6'4" 185 lbs. Level 8

After demoing the seth vicious, my first impression was that these skis were much heavier. However that was just picking them up, when I actually skied them it was a much different story.

Where do I start? I loved these skis! My first day on them was with some 9" of heavy windblown snow at Jackson Hole, hardly the 13" of Targhee powder that I demoed the seth vicious' on. They felt sluggish at first and seeing how I was trying to keep up with Bob Peters, made them seem even more sluggish! However I could tell that these skis had more to give if the conditions would warrant it. The next day with about 5" of cold dry powder was where they shined. Couple that with the fact that I skied mostly off of the Apre Vous lift that had been closed the day before and it was more like 14"+ of powder. These skis ripped in the powder and were very easy to handle. The transitioned to the groomed funs flawlessly and they skied remarkably nimbly for a heavy ski. These skis busted through everything, and had remarkable float for a ski with only 88 (or so) underfoot.

If it wasn't for the fact of their extra weight and the fact that K2's pro-form site is sold out, then I would be buying these over a new pair of Atomic Sugar daddy's.

Definitely some awesome skis!
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I've been looking at a pair but I've only seen them up to 181. I wonder if they have stopped making them in 188. I'm 6'5" and 181 is just a little to small for me.
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Love My Outlaws...

I picked up a pair after Demoing them at Jackson Hole Last Season (Among many others at the tent). What a great way to demo (at the top of the Tram) Just hop off and pick out what you want to rip on at $5 an Hour. They tend to bring up what the conditions dictate (fatty's for the Pow days ect.) Sometimes finding a pr of the K2 Chiefs was tough on those days.

Yes they are a heavy pr of skis when you first pick them up (a lot of that is in the integrated binding) - but they ski light and quick - like all the K2's. The dimensions add up to the perfect all mountain Western Ski. You can Carve it up on the (wide open) Groomers and then Jump into Bumps and Pow without a Hitch. Every ski seems to be a trade off these days so you need a quiver (more info below) but if I had to take one ski out west these would be it - Last Season it was Jackson Hole/Targee then on to Snowbird/Alta/Snowbasin/Solitude then on to Big Sky/Bridger Bowl. These Skis Handled it all.

On the Crazy Pow Days (Bridger 34" in 24hrs) I brought out the Volkl Sumos 145-124-134 and surfed.
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