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Help with new Atomic boots....

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Has anyone skied both the new Atomic 10.50 and the 9.50 boots? My issue is the difference in flex and, possibly, performance.

I'm a little snakebit on which one to get. I am sold on the fit on both but I'm concerned about going too soft and possibly giving up some performance or going too stiff given recent opinions that today's sidecut skis don't require as much forward stiffness to load the ski tip. I ski on last year's 10.20 skis which I enjoy immensely, even when I ventured into the bumps a few times last year (do to the rain at my local hill last year, there weren't many bumps to ski).

In the shop, I flex the 10.50 just fine and the tech's opinion is that they will work well for me, despite the fact that they will stiffen up 20% in the cold (this is relative though since I ski in the Northwest).

I am 37 y/o and weigh about 180. I am an advance skier (but not truly a consistent expert), and I am aggressive in my style.

I don't jump cliffs but love jumping off anything up to 10 feet at this point. I ski mostly groomed runs, but do go into the bumps and off trail when I can break away from the family. My bump skiing is intermediate at best. I can link turns on black and double black mogul fields, but can't do an entire run without stopping a few times. I think it's a rhythm and repetition thing.

If anyone has skied either one or both of these Atomic boots, can you give me some insight on what you liked and didn't like about them?
Thanks for the input!
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Dave, I'm not familiar with either one of those boots but I would talk to the tech. you have been working with and ask him if the stiffer boot can be softened in forward flex. I went with a stiffer boot because that was the one that fit me the best. I had a tech. soften the forward flex and the boot works great.
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Remember --

It's easy to make a stiff boot softer.

Not so easy to make a soft boot stiffer.

Go with the stiffer boot and have a trusted shop technician adjust the flex as necessary.<FONT size="1">

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Thanks to both of you! I'm sticking with the 10.50. It doesn't feel to stiff to me, in fact it feels softer than many supposed "race" boots marketed to the public............and boy, do I love the fit of this boot! The next best boot for me was in the Technica Icon series....I tried on the X. Felt good, but a little heavy than I really like, especially when I tried the Atomics. They seem to fit my wide forefoot very well without my heel coming up. Thanks again for the help!
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Dave I had a chance to ski both pair alot last year and I have to say they are probably the most comfortable boot I have tried , as for the stiffness don't think those things are soft because of the way they feel in the shop. The 10.50 has a very quick reflex when hammered and feels way stiffer out there than you may think , if your not heavy on your skis and have tons of experience in the bumps or any rough terrain they'll give you a rough ride. I'm 225 lbs. and cover most of the mountain fairly hard and found them to be alot of boot . Take another hard look at the 9.50 it won't dissapoint you .<FONT size="1">

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Thanks LeeRoy. It's good to here from someone who has tried them both. Will rethink.
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I had the exact same connundrum last year (in fact, you can probably search for my posts and people's replies on the subject), and went with the 10.50s.

I feel like I absolutly made the right decision. The boot is _not_ too stiff in bumps and soft snow, IMO. If anything, they have greatly improved my confidence in the bumps. That said, they are not going to be good boots to land giant hucks in, I would think! But if you want that, you should probably be in a ride or park boot? BTW, setting the lean angle to 14 degrees and softest ring, seemed about right for most situations -- a little less forward lean gives you more absorption, I think.

The 9.50s felt too soft in the shop, and based on my expereince with the 10.50s, I think that would tend to translate to the slope. The 10.50s didn't stiffen up as much in the cold as I had thought. I don't ski in the northeast though, so they haven't yet met real cold.

SO there you go, now you should be cmpletely confused! For comparison, I'm 5'11", ~190. Decent, farily strong skier, but neither crazy nor brilliant.

In any case, you can't go wrong with the Atomics. Absolutly wonderful boots! COmfortable, strong, and quick, what more could you ask for?
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Used the 10.50 for half the year and liked them. It is the coldest boot I have ever worn!

Performance greatly enhanced by adding a conformable liner for a couple hundred bucks.

Saw a pair on sale yesterday at Christy's in Boulder for $379.00 Last years boot and this years boot no change. According to my boot guru (Larry at Boulder Ski Deals) same guy designed the Technica and Atomic high end boots.
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Actually, there are some minor changes, but not enough to sway a decision one way or another. (My dealer just replaced my last years boots with this years.)

The boot heel now has a sperate replaceable subsection. WHy they would add this when the heel is allready replaceable is beyond me, but I guess it means you'll save a bit more if you grind the heel down. [Someone wrote me a note to say that this is actually there to prevent ice build-up in the bolt holes..Lodro]

The liner is quite different -- including what I think is a heat-modable gel pocket arouund the ankle area. But the old liner had great heel fit, so in general I don't think this would be a big difference. (btw, the 11.50 now has foam fit.)

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yeah Rusty, they're sensational with hotronics in em'

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Dave, You will hear recommendations based on your skill, size, etc. But don't disregard your personal preference. some people just like stiffer boots than others. I'm no superhero but I love to ski rec race boots in bumps, etc. I'm shopping for boots too and the sales person is always trying to sell me a soft boot (most of the stiff boots are too narrow for me). By the way, are the 10.50 and 9.50 the same fit? I tried on the 9.50 but thought it was too soft for me and the cuff was too fat. It the 10.50 has a narrower cuff, I'd try them on. I think the risers on Atomics boots are cool!
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The 950 has more volume , the 10.50 has more of a race boot fit.
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