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Lake Tahoe Ski Rentals

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Where's a good place to rent skis in S. Lake Tahoe, I'm looking for a good selection of top end skis and fair prices. We're staying not to far from the Stagecoach lift. If my memory is correct, I recall alot of rental places that are separate from the resorts in Lake Tahoe.
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Just rented from Lakeside Rentals, not top end but very cheap. Also, got poles for the kid at Cheepo's. From the Gondola, on HWY 50, 3 miles and 1.5 miles ~, on right.
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Demo shop at Stagecoach is fairly decent. They have a few wide board set ups and a few mid-fats, enough to keep you going. Staying up at Stagecoach, you're looking at 10 minutes or a little more on the drive down to SLT. We went to Powderhouse (just past the big Casinos) and I wasn't terribly impressed. Wanted to get demo's for my father in law but their stuff didn't look to be in very good condition. Drop by the Stagecoach in the evening and chat up Matt (if he's there). He's pretty gung-ho and you can set up something for the next morning. Have fun!
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Thanks Gpaul and Vaski. I'm looking forward to the trip.
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Rentskis.com has a Gold location at Heavenly. If you pay the extra $$ for the gold service you can request specific skis at specific prices at the time of online booking. In some cases they will even deliver to you elsewhere. Worth checking, maybe.

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