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Woo-Hoo! ASC Coupon book came!

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Some great deals...
$30.00 off coupons!, I got buddies to ski with!
Free Lessons, I can use them...to cut lines on busy Saturdays
Free HP Demos, Fun on a rocks day

And more!!! I have 3 books here, Buuuhahahahahaha
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Too bad we need snow to actually ski on.

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Originally Posted by Scalce
Too bad we need snow to actually ski on.

Detail...just details.
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And I paid for demo's 2 weeks back...

Everyone of my buddies with pass got it but for me :..
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Phil, feel free to count me in as your buddy and to pass off the savings Seeing how everytime I call ASC for free tix, they just put me on hold for hours
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My wife and I each have passes, but only she received the coupon book. Gee, I could understand not receiveing the coupons if I had already exceeded my maximum number of days this year, but with only 6 days in so far, ASC should send us some coupons to Steamboat or the Canyons. That would ease the weather pains.

Oh well, I pick up my new Head IM82's tonight and head to Alta Saturday (two foot dump ends tonight), so maybe the coupons will be here when I return on the 29th.

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I will be heading up next weekend. If conditions are marginal, might be the time to take a lesson.
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