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P60 or SX11m?

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I am just getting back into skiing after 10yrs off. Someone recommended that I buy a pair of sx-7"s. That was a mistake! I have always enjoyed high speed cruising. I weight 240lbs and am looking for a ski that will be stable at high speed. I would greatly value anyones imput to avoid another bad purchase.

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I can't tell you much about the P60, but the SX11 is good to go. You should also have a look at Fischer WC skis.
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Would a longer length make sense? I used to ski on 207. Would the 180 range be correct?
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GS11m not sx11m

typing error
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I like my '05 P60 GC's

I took a 13 year hiatus from skiing myself, now back into it the last 5 years. I'm also a high speed crusier- 5'-11", 190 pounds, avid mountain & road cyclist with strong legs. I demo'd the 5 and 6 Star Volkls and couldn't get them to work for me- probably more sidecut than I'm used to. The guy behind the demo counter at Alpine Meadows talked me into trying the P60 GC's even though I thought "if I'm not 'man enough' for the Supersports, what am I going to do with Volkl race skis?" I took them out, and the difference was night & day. Speed limit of the skis was again well above mine, but the P60 GC's felt maneuverable and fun to me, not just fast. I was able to make any length turn, even do some easy bumps (I'm no mogul pro) and rip thru light powder. I bought the P60's that day from Alpine. I know Al's Ski Shop still has some of last year's model. Most retail shops don't carry them. A year on, I'm still happy with them. I did a week in Colorado last year and only took one pair of skis- the P60's. The one day we got 9" of powder at Beaver Creek they were a little too much work, so I rented B2's.
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