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7.24 pro without marker/motion system crap?

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Will it be offered without the marker bindings and the motion system anywhere? So far I haven't seen any evidence that the ski will be sold by itself. Can anyone help me?
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I e-mailed Volkl about this sometime this spring and they assured me it was available without the integrated binding system. Not sure where to buy it exactly, but it should be out there.
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Awesome, thanks for the info. I guess they wont be available until sometime this fall/winter?
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Shops should be getting their hardgoods in the next couple of months. The shop I go to ordered the 7 24 Pro "a la carte" only.
They have already received them. Ski companies must really be pushing their "integrated" systems. I noticed that www.Voelkl.com only shows the Pro with a binding setup.
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My shop will be carrying the 724 without the integrated binding system. They ski differently from the Motion, hence both models. Most shops begin receiving their 04 equipment around this time, so check with your local Volkl dealer for info.
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I emailed skiershop.com (should have thought of that earlier) and they will be receiving the 7.24 pro flat around august 6. Should the 170 be enough ski for me? I'm 145# 5'8 and want a stable ski for gs turns. My first instinct would be for the 177, but from reading here I've decided that would certainly be too much ski for me. Does that sound right?

Edit- Another thought I had is that the motion system makes the ski feel more damp. The non-motion version might feel shorter than the motion version.

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2003-2004 Volkl website if up now. They have the 724 PRO with and without the motion. Now you just have to find the right ski shop.

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Oykie - I skied on Doug Stewart's 7/24 Pros this spring. He is on the PSIA Demo Team, and he felt that the 177 was too big for him, and that he would opt for the 170 given the choice. I didn't weigh or measure him, but I'd say he's about your size. I'm 6' and 190 lbs., and I liked the 177, but it was a strong ski, a lot of ski, more than my 190 V-Pros, and it took a little getting used to. Also, I'd get the piston for sure. The 6-star and the 7/24 Pro both have a more lively feel that I personally would prefer damped out - especially on the 6-star.
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So 170 it is I guess. I just want to make sure its not going to be a weak ski at all.
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Cut and pasted from another thread:

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posted March 29, 2003 12:52 PM
To Motion or not to Motion, whether it is nobler in the minds of skiers to . . . . . apologies to Bill Shakespeare.

Not all, but many of Volkl's skis this year and certainly next year are available flat, which allows freedom of binding choice. Like underwear, politics and light v dark chocolate (dark for me), it's all about personal preference. Volkl understands that individual skiers want, nay, insist on using their binding of choice.

Subject to change without notice, here's the list as taken from Volkl's 2003/2004 Ski Collection:

P60 GC & SC Racing - Motion only
P60 GS & SC Race Stock - Flat only
Supersport 6 Star - Motion only
Supersport 5 Star - Flat & Motion
Supersport 4 Star - Motion only
7/24 Pro - Flat & Motion
7/24 AX4 - Flat only
7/24 AX3 - Flat & Motion
7/24 AX2 - Flat & Motion
energY 420 - Motion only
energY 320 - Flat & Motion
energY 220 - Flat & Motion
7/24 AX3 Gamma - Motion only
energY 420 Gamma - Motion only
energY 320 Gamma - Motion Only
7/24 AX2 Gamma - Motion only
energY 220 Gamma - Flat only
Gotama, Explosive, Dragon Slayer, V Pro & V Expression - Flat only
All Junior, Mountain and Rental skis - Flat only
This year's women's Volkls, the 20/20 series, get a name change for next year; they will carry the Gamma suffix. Purely conjecture, but if I were to hazard a guess on what ski might change, I would think that a flat Supersport 6 Star would be a popular option. I hope this helps.

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Oykie, at 145lbs, I would go with a shorter ski in the 7.24 Pro I'm 190lbs and 6 ft. I would ski that in a 170cm. You may want to go shorter. It's a fun ski you should like it.
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Just want to reinforce your decision. Go with 170cm w/o motion system. I skied the 177cm last spring and it was long enough. I'm 170 lbs. An even shorter ski would be fine on the hard pack but the 170cm will give you optimum float as well. For a free flex binding that can mount to any ski, I like the Salomon PE2 - only the heel is allowed to float which seems to do the opposite of damping. I ended up ordering a Stockli Stromrider at 174cm (a bit more sidecut and stiffer). The Volkls seem to be getting softer each year. The 7 24 AX4 replacing the G4 is an example.
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hey guys
the 7.24 is the offspring of the G4, right?
k, well i'm 5'9" and 140 pounds and i skied it in 178 or 177, whichever. It took me a while to get a handle on those monster stick skis, but now i can whip them around in tight trees, nasty crusty, i can tip them almost perpendicular on the groomed. I never thought about going 170 because they didn't offer that in the G4. In a few years when there are some used 7.24 laying around, I'll try the 170, though. But i love the G4s in the length i have and am even looking to buy a second pair. My first won't last forever. I decided it's my favorite ski. Ideal length, stiffness, width, etc. I skied it in everything but the deepest snow. I skied it on groomed as if it were a GS ski. on hard icy snow, i think, was the only time i'd experience problems but i ski it so seldomly i would have problems no matter what i'm standing on.
the 177 are exactly my height, btw.


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Originally posted by Oykie:
So 170 it is I guess. I just want to make sure its not going to be a weak ski at all.
All things considered, you have made a fine choice. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]

Ski well,

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