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A belated report on the wife & I's trip to Breckenridge 8-14 Jan a few comments on the people that make up this board.

The wife & I were at Breck on the mentioned dates and had fantastic conditions the whole week.

We stayed at the River Mountain Lodge and it's on the next to last stop for transport to Beaver Run/Peak 9. They have front desk/valet ski storage not requiring storing them in the room and avoiding the corresponding mess. Main street is only 1 block away and no need for a car if you're skiing at Breck everyday although we had one and it was less expensive than the CME shuttle for 2 people.

Best area for RAGING intermediates like myself is definately the 6 chair and peak 10 although Imperial & Peak 7 bowls are fine as well and VERY good stuff in decent snow. Coverage was never an issue at Breck although conditions in the bowls and off the TBAR vary drastically with the wind.

For regular intermediates and below, there's great terrain on Peak's 7/8/9 and plenty of it.

Now onto what I think is the most important aspect of this post and that's the people I met on this trip.

My wife (Annie) took group lessons for the 1st three days and advanced to a solid level 4 (can ski groomed blues) care of the Breck ski school I skied solo on the 1st day and enjoyed 4 or 5 inches cut up fresh and much more in Imperial/Peak 7 bowls

On Tuesday I skied with Bong & Kay from this board and got better in the bumps due to some VERY easy to understand tips from Bong.

On Wednesday I skied with NewHampie & daughter from this board and enjoyed cruising all day.

On Thursday we went to Keystone and although the weather was brutal and cold, we skied the frontside together for several runs and after lunch I went to North Peak/Outback for some good cruising again.

My last day of skiing on Friday was spent with two other members of this board (Uncle Louie/Cardweg) and the skiing was again fantastic I met Uncle Louie early in the morning and we did a few runs before meeting with Cardweg (who had the nerve to whine about 22hrs of travel from Ireland and 1st day at altitude) and then we were off. Uncle Louie combined with Bong made me a much better skier just by following them!And that doesn't include the tips they gave me along the way. They both took me onto parts of the mountain I wouldn't have otherwise skied (not because of difficulty, but because of lack of knowledge) that had great well spaced trees and fresh POW that was only a few yards from the groomed.

In the little over a year I've been on this board my skiing horizons have been expanded and the friendships have increased. It doesn't get much better than this!!!