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Bode everywhere

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This is getting absurd. First, there is the 60 minutes piece and all the before and after commentary. Now I see him on the cover of Time and Newsweek. And now somehow there is this nike site: joinbode.com.

I think his "15 minutes of fame" is getting hard to ignore, and the Olympics haven't even started.
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Great Job!

Well, somebody's doing a GREAT job of Marketing! It doesn't matter if you LOVE or HATE Bode, everybody's talking about him...and THAT's exactly what they want!
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FYI, joinbode.com has been around for awhile now. I'm not sure exactly when it went up, but I know it was around last season.

60 Minutes, Time & Newsweek isn't too impressive given his considerable accomplishments over the past few years. That being said, of course he's going to be everywhere right now -- he's one of, if not the marque athlete on the U.S. Olympic squad. His most recent off color comments merely put him front & center a week or two early. IMHO, it will turn out to be a great thing for the Olympics insofar as television ratings, advertising revenue, and overall interest go (in the U.S., at least).

I imagine the publicity is more noticeable to people in the U.S. at the moment because most Americans are not used to seeing coverage of skiers in the MSM.
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