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Ski press mag ski reviews

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Have you guys seen this magazine. It's a free magazine given out at ski shops. If so what do you thnk of their reviews? Much more opinionated than ski or skiing magazines, but reliable or not? I really like the numerical rankings.

Ski tests to be online soon.

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yeah, it's an industry magazine circulated out of Montreal, Qc, and i think it's the best ski-test resource - offline, that is. the reviews are refreshingly written, and there is no apparent bias towards any manufacturer. i got really frustrated with the website, though, b/c it kept saying that their new test results would be up in Sept., and i still can't find 'em. anyhow, the mag is free, so who cares.
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Do they test Salomon's? I couldn't find any Salomon testing in their lastest issue, the one with the skis listed from each category that had at least scored a 75% or higher. I find it hard to believe that no Salomon ski was up there in any category, while numerous models from Nordica and Volant were.
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The Ski Presse test is unbiased as can get. Nothing is perfect though.

As to the Salomon issue, Salomon has opted out of all testing (in Canada at least) like Volkl. Both feel that their marketing (including sponsorship of racers and free skiers) will sell more skis than unbiased testing.
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If you have read their reviews it seems they focus more on fat twin tips and park skiis. Under big mountain freeride they test a paultry 5 skiis. Whats up with that. Where's the big daddy, sugar daddies, k2 ak, dynastar inspired, vokle. I would at least like to know if they even tested these skiis. How could they put the atomic rex in the all mountain category, and then put the fisher and blizzard in freeride even though they have a smaller profile than the atomics. I dont get it!!!
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I couldn't read that site as it only had American English and Canadian English but no English English. Whats the difference, can anybody translate?
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ski press needs to test all the brands and models. they usually only test a select few so it is kinda a narrow view.

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I've got the issue in front of me:
All Mountaineers:
Head Monster iM 70
Atomic R:11
Dyna Intuitiv 71
K2 Axis (M), T:Nine (w)
Nordica W70
Fischer Sceneo Ti 500FT
Rossi RPM 17
Volant Machete Truth

Off Piste Mountaineers
Elean M12
Head Monster iM 75
Rossi Bandit XX
Volkl Vert G3
Atomic R:EX
K2 Axis XP
Volant Machete Soul
Nordica Beast 74TT
Dyna Intuitiv 74
Fischer Big Stix 75

Rossi Bandit XXX
Elan Mantis 777
Head Monster iM 85
Fischer Big Stix 84
Blizard Titan 8.2
Also have Nibble Fatties- 7 reviewed
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yeah, i was wondering about some omissions in the test, especially in the fat ski section (volkl g4, pocket rocket). but i did like the fact that skis like the blizzard titan and elan mantis 777 got exposure, when ski or powder magazine probably wouldn't bother to test them.
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Originally posted by dougw:
I've got the issue in front of me:
Anything really stand out?
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They don't give an overall score but score per attribute so do an average in your head comparing two skis.
8 attributes 8s unless noted
All Mountaineers: for men
Head Monster iM 70- all 8s 2 9s highest rated
Atomic R:11 3-7s
Dyna Intuitiv 71 straight 8s
K2 Axis (M), T:Nine (w) 5-7s
Nordica W70
Fischer Sceneo Ti 500FT 2-7s
Rossi RPM 17 all 8s or above - 1- 9
Volant Machete Truth 2 7s

Off Piste Mountaineers
Elan M12 4-9s highest rated
Head Monster iM 75 3-9s, 2-7s
Rossi Bandit XX all 8s
Volkl Vert G3 2-9s, 1-7
Atomic R:EX 1-6 short radius
K2 Axis XP 3 7s
Volant Machete Soul 6 7s
Nordica Beast 74TT 3 -7s one 6
Dyna Intuitiv 74 5-7s
Fischer Big Stix 75 4 7s one 6
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I wonder if they skew things sometimes though. If you look at the slalom tests, often they're testing 170's in one manufacturer versus a 160,58 in another. They raved about Rossi (and guess who has a huge 2 page glossy spread?) slaloms- are they the only ones to do this?
In one instance, the Volkl T50 supersport, they said the women hated it so it wasn't scored. Is this because they were skiing a 168cm or what?
All in all I think the reviews are pretty good but how do you know?
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Manufacturers supply the ski.SO the manufactures pick the lengths.
Also, only the top 75% of skis reviewed make it into the magazine.
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Well what are you going to do then right? When (I think it was Head) shows up to the Slalom tests with a 170 for men and a 160 for women it's not going to score real high on turning compared to the 158's. Maybe the rep went out and got real drunk the night before. Drove around in the van with his buddies and someone ran off with a couple of pairs of 160's.

Isn't it Skiing Press and Keelty's site that have the exact same comments for tests on ski boots? I'll have to check.
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I saw the skipressmag, but the website is still under construction.

I am also a subscriber to SkiCanada. The reviews and format of same seemed very similiar. I will investigate further to see if they are piggy backing on the SkiCanada reviews. SkiCanada also didn't have any Salomon ski reviews. Why? Salomon for whatever reason, didn't provide them any product in time for the ski tests.
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Skipressmag website isn't under construction. Results aren't posted there yet, to force you to get the magazine (or ski Canada perhaps). Ski test results probably aren't on ski canada, SKi, or Skiing magazine websites either.
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Yes, Nord you are probably right. After review, I think that at this time there is no overlap or link between SkiCanada or Skimagpress. I get mine free, but if successful, you may have to pay for it, if the advertiseing dollars aren't enough revenue. By distributing directly to ski shops etc., they save the enormous costs of tracking subscriptions, and individual mailings. In this age of very high costs for doing business, thier business model might just work.
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