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Summer Camp

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I am currently looking into a variety of summer alpine racing camps for the latter half of this summer. I was wondering which ones are good and why.

I am a high school racer, and I would say I am pretty "into it". I lack some of the necessary slalom equipment for serious racing (we mostly do GS), so those more serious camps with equipment requirements wouldnt be on my list. Nonetheless, I'm not just interested in having a good time, but also improving my skills

Any suggestions?
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Go on the Ski Racing Magazine web site. They have a whole section devoted to camps and links.

There are a number of independent camps that take "unaffiliated" (non team member), students.

Hood and Whistler are the usual but they also go to Europe too.

If your high school coach has some contacts at the race teams in the area, many of them have a summer program and will accept a student with a recommendation from a coach. My son skiied in Pennsylvania, but trained with a NY team every summer.
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I plan on sending my son to Mt. Hood.
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I took a look a look at the various camps at and to me, (and my small mind) they all said the same thing

come here! its great

Any real experiences to help me sift through these?
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Check out some of the threads by Gary Dranow on this forum and give him a pm.
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