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IF staying in park city

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i was out in PC last week had an awasome time! just wanted to let you guys know about a company called canyon hop that really made my stay pleasant . I dont ever give out referances but these guys really have a good deal goin on and i thought id share with you guys since you all have been so helpful to me. for $$76 they will pick ya up from any park city location and take ya to ( your choice) snowbird , alta , brighton, solitude, snowbasin lift ticket included... they pick up @ 8 am from ur hotel and pick ya up again @ 4pm from wherever they leave ya. I found this to be much more affordable then renting a car everyday, since PC has everything you need right there ( FOOD, DRINKING, etc) So if anyone is going to do the staying @ pc and travling to the other resorts thing this is definately the way to go. im including the # i hope this is ok

435 513 7544

ps..... utah is the most amazing place ive ever been to!!!!
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If traveling solo, yes, it's a deal. But not otherwise.

2 tkts on the Cottonwood shuttle are about $150. Add about $120 for round-trip transfers from airport to P-City. So, if you want to go car-less, you're spending at least $270. Instead, you can rent a car from SLC airport for 5 days for about $150 plus a bit more for gas and have the freedom to come and go as you please.
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