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TR: Tahoe & Mammoth 12/27-1/10.

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Hiya all! Got back a few days ago from a fantastic ski trip, here's my report:

Landed in LAX 5pm 12/25, got screwed by ACE Car Rental (never again will I rent from other than the big boys!), Universal Studios following day (for our 6 y/o champ), and on to Reno via Sacramento leaving Universal 3:30pm, arriving in Reno 11pm; lotsa traffic all the way to Sacramento!

Stayed 5 nights at Ascuaga's Nugget, very, very nice, huge rooms, great indoor pool/jacuzzis. Rented equipment following day in SLT at Lakeside rentals, excellent service and good equipment, lowest price by far in Tahoe. On the way to Sierra had to purchase chains, only not to use them the entire trip so brought them back to the Dom. Rep. to haul on next winter's trip. 12/27 Sierra: crappy weather, but nice snow, rain intensified in afternoon, left wanting more. 12/28, RAIN, no skiing, went skating in downtown Reno, very nice rink and our son had a great time. 12/29, Squaw and blue skies. The mountain doesn't feel as big as its stats, and like y'all mentioned very little grooming. No lines, and ended up having a good ski day. 12/30 went to Alpine, they steered us to Homewood due to epic winds. Homewood is VERY nice if slow lifts don't bug you, I'd definitely go back again for long groomers. 12/31, RAIN, skating and Bowling. In fact, we enjoyed these 2 sports enough as not to call this part of our trip a total disaster. 1/1,2,3 Heavenly, stayed at Best Western Station House, very nice, good breakfast included, and walked each morning to Gondola, took the shuttle back. As advised by you savvy skiers, the mountain is in fact big, but TRAVERSE city like no other place I've been to, never again! Some nice long groomers, but I'm proud to say we had most fun on Gunbarrel/face, even my wife came down 1 time!

Left on 1/4 at 3AM 'cause we had to take the alternate route to Mammoth (395 closed due to avalanche), finally boarded Broadway Express @ 11am, and NEVER stopped smiling for the next 7 days!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Rented at Ski Renter at beginning of Old Mammoth Road, owner Rob a helluva guy, great Elan's! Yep, Mammoth is as good as it gets (varied, steep, long, wide, no lines 1/4-10, nice little town, friendly people, SUN for 7 days, etc., etc.) On Saturday 1/7 went to June due to expected crowds and wind at Mammoth, and enjoyed the runs off J7. Unfortunately, me and the only other skier on the "bowl" collided, and I ended up with a very minor fissure on the front part of my shoulder. Kept on skiing albeit less aggressively for the next 4 days!

If we return to California, we'll head straight to Mammoth and hang there for as many as 10 days, it's that big!

I want to wholeheartedly THANK all of you who offered such fantastic advice, and wish you a great 2006!
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Well you certainly encountered some interesting weather that altered your precise plans - at least you were based in Reno where there's plenty of alternative activities. I suspect you didn't find all of Squaw and it sounds like you missed out on Alpine, Rose and N*. And please be quiet about Homewood. It's kind of a secret
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Echo what Truckee said about Squaw & Alpine and glad you had a good time. I've been to Tahoe twice (both in Jan) and have nailed the weather both times. I'll definately be back although I'm stuck in Utah/Colorado for this season which has been pretty good
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cool. gladja liked.

been waiting for your take on mammoth.

i get my fix this weekend.
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Glad to hear all went as well as possible considering our monsoon. I'd be interested to hear what skis you tried and see any pictures you'd care to post. Of course you know the cold storms hit just after you left.
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Sorry to hear that you had a bad experience in Tahoe. I was there the exact time as you were becasue that was kids winter break. It was not pretty when I drove all the way to Northstar from Reno on 28th and found pouring rain at the base. We had to turn aroud for the hotel. It happens to Tahoe during the Christmas-New Year holidays often and nothing we can do about it. Squaw actually is very big, if you know where to look. We can spend a whole day at the Squaw Creek area and never repeat a line.

Wish you better luck next time.
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TruckeeLocal, you're right on all counts. 'nuff said about h.

jgiddyup, I feel for you "being stuck" in U and C....

ryan, go to Mammoth Forums, I talked a bit more there.

hiya cirque! Pics coming later on (not many); just one set of skis, can't recall which in Tahoe, but had a pair of 2 y/o Elan 150's in Mammoth, good but somewhat heavy-weights.

jackwan 1, maybe we cursed together on one of the mountains! We did enjoy a couple of looong groomers at the Squaw Creek area, but my favorite was coming down a small bowl to the left of Gold Coast Express, and then hauling all the way back to bottom of that lift.

All the best amigos!
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