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Vertigo G3's (length)

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I have decided on the G3's but length is the next decission. I'm currently on Volant Supercarve I, 198's. (6'0"; 200lbs.) I patrol at Camelback,PA with a few trips to New England, about 35 days/year. I'm leaning toward this ski in a 191. Would the 184 be too short for me? Thanks.
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I went with 191. 6'2" @188lbs. Ski in the MadWaste with trips out West. Hey, they are 191cm on the curve. Straight taped they are more like 187s. I currently use 198 Platinums.
On the other hand, Volkl reps out in Utah were saying that they were using 184s and there were some heavy guys.
I like good speed and long turns, so went with the "191".
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Get the 191. At 5'8" and 170 lbs, I skied the G30 in a 193 and it only felt big in the trees. The 191 is made for guys your size. Also, it is my opinion that the flare in the tail of the G3 makes it a bit more forgiving in the tail, because there is 3-4 cm less on the snow. I was surprised that the G3 doesn't come in anything longer than that. BTW, there are some deals on G31's on the web, if you're interested.

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Don, would second Bandit's opinion. I'm 5'-11", 175 lbs and ski the 193 G31. While I'm thinking that the 188 would have been a better choice for me, if you decide to try a G31, with your height and weight, stay with the 193. The reviews and such of the G3 say that Volkl has softened it somewhat from the G31 which again would point you toward the 191, especially over one as short as a 184.
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Al's Ski Barn has 188, 193 and 198 G31's listed at $429. I think they are up in Maine. www.untracked.com. That is not a bad price, I forget whether you can call them up and bargain, (the far reaches of decimated brain cells say that is a maybe, working from memory).
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6' 200lbs. Good to start, need more info...
1. How aggressive are you?
2. You must be a good skier but how good?
- Adv, adv/exp, or full on expert?
3. As a patrol you have to ski all terrain and conditions, where do you like to ski?
4. Do like to make short, med, or long turns in the crud?

First impression, get the 191cm. They softened up the G3 from the G31 making it an easier ski to ski on, then too boot they only offer it up to a 191cm.

I am 6' 190lbs, aggresive expert 33 years of age, and would skip over the G3 and get the G4 in the 198cm. I like to ski fast, long turns when at all possible. The 191cm G3 would not have enough surface area for my liking. I ski on a 195cm Mod X Pro and at times it has too little surface area for my taste. Great ski, very versitile, but every now and then it is lacking.

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Donski, go with 191.

I'm on 193cm Vertigo G31s and more than happy.
I'm 5'9", 176lbs.

I ski virtually everything with G31s - from bumps or boilerplate to powder. Would not go for any shorter length because that would mean less floatation & stability at speed. Short turns are not an issue - they are really easy and quick to turn if you just know what you are doing.
G3s are said to be softer so I would definitely choose 191cm.
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