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don't anyone give me shit for posting in the wrong f'n forum....

i am scrambling to get my act together so i can place my butt on one of the seats in a monashee cat in a couple of days

all systems look to be go except for my ride (skis)

what's it going to be, the goat, sdaddy, chief, scratch bc or something offbeat like the g3 reverend?

this ski will be mounted with fritschi's and see occasional backcountry duty

me: level 9, 54, 5'11", 175lb.............(ski b5's and hrtf's)

input asap please regarding suitability, considering above criteria. length recommendations welcome as well .............. (i do not strive to schuss powder, unlike in all the current warren miller flics)......i like to turn. to me - if i pay all those $$ to catski or hike all those vertical feet, i want to pay myself back by making a fair # of turns

i'm guessing 173cm sugar daddy's might be pretty good. but some people tell me they are 'too stiff' and others tell me they are still 'too heavy'
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No 'Please'? :
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All of them would work. I think the Chief's would be a good start, here is a guy sell them pretty cheap.

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Geez, maybe you should go with a Line Prophet 100 in a 172.
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Originally Posted by Phil Pugliese
No 'Please'? :


(there is at least one 'please' in my post)
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thanks for the tip on the billings guy

i was just on the phone to him

seems to me the price is pretty right on the chiefs

just trying to work out a few shipping details
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Originally Posted by stelmar

(there is at least one 'please' in my post)
Ooop,s I see that. OK, start calling around to some Sports Authority's, there are still some Volant FB's floating around. a 95mm wasted ski for 199.00 best fat ski deal around.
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thank you mr. pugliese

i will check it out

(i need to buy something 1st thing tomorrow a.m. if i want to have something to ride on next week)
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Are you sure that the cat skiing place won't have skis for you that would work really well?
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What the hell is an hrtf????
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