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Where to Demo at Alta

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I have some friends headed to Alta soon and I was going to try and point them to somwhere to demo the Gotama and other fat/midfat ski. Any help here is appreciated.
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Alta has a couple of demo centers at the Base [ I believe on the Albion side] and one at mid mountain. Enjoy
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There are several options:

1. Deep Powder House shops (3 locations). They carry volkl, head, rossi, salomon.

2. Alta Sports (albion base). They carry k2, nordica, salomon

3. Alta demo centers (3 locations, including 2 midmountain locations). They carry Atomic, Fischer, Dynastar, Volkl & Blizzard

I've used all three with no problems. They all allow you to try as many as you want per day.

You might look on the alta website or call them for specific models. You can also reserve exactly what you want the day before so you are sure to get your first choice in the morning.
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