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alpine race drills

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I am looking for some fun drills for our Jr race program . Ant suggestions?
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Welcome to epic!

I am looking for some fun drills for our Jr race program . Ant suggestions?
The best drill is to keep the kids on terrain easy enough so they can get rid of any wedge and start skiing more parallel. Aslo, ski slow round turns so the kids can glide through an arc and not have to brake by wedging or excessive skidding. The easier terrain will allow them to ski without developing defensive moves.

drills on turquoise terrain-

fan railroad tracks
vertical slidslipping
airplane turns
skating on flats and up hill
traversing while bending low to tall (repeat)
traversing on uphill ski
learning 360 deg piviots (whirly birds)
hocky stops
lane changes
long turns that stall-out uphill (who can get the farthest up?)
skiing up both sides of a berm
super easy bumps both traversing and turning on them

hope these help!

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single best exercise is Gorilla turns.
Also freeskiing slalom and GS turns at speed.
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What's a gorilla turn?
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Originally Posted by jess
What's a gorilla turn?
I believe its turn where the stance is really wide with a focus on edging and the pressure buildup that come from edging in that wide stance. I myself call them cowboy turns.
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have 2 skiers attach there poles together and stand one behind the other,one uphill one directly below . the downhill skier holds the basket end ,the uphill skier holds the grip 2 pole lengths behind.
Have the downhill skier just point em down hill. the uphill skier must carve like crazy to control the speed of both skiers.
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The USSA Alpine Ski Fundamentals II CD-ROM has about 20 great drills. I would suggest picking up both volumes to develop a progression for your program. That's the single greatest problem I see with programs- no planned skill progression from level to level.

Basics, basic, basics. Keep it simple, reinforce it, and provide solid opportunities to apply it.
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Make sure the slope isn't too steep and have them skate down the fall line as fast as they can.
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