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Head C 260i skis w/ Tyrolia SLD 11 Bindings

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Height: 5'7" (170cm)
Weight: 195lbs
Ability: True Intermediate (Prefers blues, can handle east coast black diamonds if need be)
Boots: Salomon Xwave 8.0
Other Skis Used: There are other skis?
Conditions: Machine Groomed Granular / Machine Groomed Wet Granular (slushish)

Background: Skied when I was 8. Quit due to scary icy condition incident. Came back this year with my Aunt footing the bill for a new set of ski equipment.

Review of Head C 260i All-Mountain Cruise Skis:

So I noticed no one has reviewed this model and maybe it's because the skis are probably more for an intermediate... and all the skiers on Epicski seem to be really good... but I thought I'd post this anyway for anyone relatively new to skiing (like me!) and need info on these skis.

When I first got these skis, I didn't know what to expect. I thought skis were skis, so it didn't really make a difference what type I got - but when I went down these skis a few times, I noticed they were really easy to turn and much easier to control compared to rentals I had in Feb 2005 (Tremblant - Sport rentals). As my abilities grew this season, my skis allowed me to keep up. They handled short radius (slightly skid) turns very well, which allowed me to progress very quickly. Each time someone asks about my skiing and say how impressed they are that I'm learning so quickly, I keep telling them that I'm like a race car driver with a fast car. I do well only because I have a fast car... not because I'm a good driver.

The bindings that come with these skis are probably the most impressive in my mind. They lock in 3 ways in the front I think and 3 ways in the back. That means if I step on them and miss, the bindings move to accomodate and I snap in easily. I believe they release 7 ways, if I remember correctly, and that's supposed to be more than the average 5 ways that other bindings generally have. I always feel sorry for my beginner friend (who was on rentals).. taking about 10 minutes to snap in his boot after taking off his skis halfway downhill (fall recovery). If he had my bindings, he would've been in on his first try.

There's also the intelligence chip and other features of this ski, but I haven't been on ice on other skis w/o the intelligence chip, so I can't tell you if it really stiffens up the ski and helps you hold the edge on hard terrain.

I do recommend this ski for anyone who's planning on learning at a very fast rate this season and need a ski that will be appropriate from beginners and intermediates as well. Also, for people who don't ski that much and have old skis - these skis are shaped so that you can turn easier than the old designs, so they're definitely well worth the upgrade.
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You picked a great ski


You may not know it, but you picked a really good ski, almost an ideal ski for someone that is learning and progressing very quickly. The C260i is basically the same as the iC160 from past years, a ski that had a reputation as being easy for the beginner and still being a good ski as the skier got lots better.

A few years ago, in fact, the iC160 was Peter Keelty's overall ski of the year, not because it was a high end ski but because it was good for many different levels of skiers and good for lots of different terrain. Congratulations, and keep learning (and say thank you to whomever pointed you to that ski).

Minor point, but the C260i has the Intelligence fibers, but not the Chip. You really don't need the chip magnifying the signals to the Intelligence fibers until speeds go up even more.
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