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Right now I'm on 181 K2 axis XP. Starting to look at replacements, this is my first year living in Colorado, been skiing a lot and have really beat the c*** out of those skis. I like those skis pretty much, my only complaints are that they aren't as quick side to side as I would of like in moguls and they aren't extremely durable, I have a tendency to find rocks no matter how much snow there is and they are really starting to show it. I spend most of my time on black, double black terrain and really want something that is going to be great in the bumps but pretty stong elsewhere. I'm about 6'2 220 pounds, level 9 skier. From reading other post here I'm considering a stiffer twin tip like the Public Enemy. Don't really care about spending time in the park but I've heard good things about them outside of the park. Anybody have any thoughts on the PE or any other recommendations.