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Ski Sizing?

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I will be buying some Elan Fusion ripsticks this summer. I am 140-150 lbs and am 5'11. I will probably grow, seeing as I am 15, and am shooting up. Should I go short and get a 170 cm, or should I get the 178? I am an "expert."
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You might get taller and you'll probably gain weight too. I'd go with the 178.
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I don't think you need to worry about the 170 being too short any time soon. I think the worst thing you can do is overski yourself.
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I told you this a few times but you seem to a listening(or reading) problem. Dont get a ski so freakin skinny. If your favorate runs are goat and starr then that means you like ungroomed, meaning you need a fatter ski.
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I like the skinny, i like to ski Goat and Starr. I usually ski them on good days. These were the best demo skis I ever had.
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