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Got back from N. Utah the other day. We skied Snowbasin, Powder Mountain, and The Canyons. All where great. Started off by driving down to the Canyons. The conditions where still good after a few days without snow. The Canyons is a vast area but very easy to get around. It does have a strange setup though. You park, put you're stuff on in the car, then take a bucket up to the village. The lifts are fast and the terrain varied. They don't have the monster bowls like the Bird and Alta but the runs are long. I imagine there are a ton of places we haven't discovered, the place is BIG. So are the homes they are building within the resort. They look like lodges and are buried up to the roofs with snow. It will always be on out hit list.
Snowbasin was OK the first time around. They hadn't gotten snow in days so it was pretty groomed up. The Strawberry area was wind packed and crud. This is a vast area of mostly open fields, and bowls. The conditions where not the best. Then it snowed. Now we're talking. 8 inches and the place was what I remembered it to be. Those wind packed fields where now full of powder. We stayed in that area for a while getting first tracks. Awesome. Skied the rest of the day all over the place. My wife even got caught in a small avalanche that carried her about 100 feet. Scary, as this was inbounds on a blue area.: Then off to the John Paul area where you will find the steeps. The grizzly downhill can be found here. Taking the Olympic tram to the top you are faced with 40 to 45 degree steeps. It then stays steep all the way to the bottom. I made several laps on this, always a blast. The rest of the area is pretty hairy and I would recommend going with someone who knows the area. Lots of places to get in trouble. Bring lunch, the food is as expensive as the lodge is posh.

Last day spent at Powder Mountain. This is the no frills resort of Utah, also one of the biggest. At over 5000 acres, 2900 lift served, you can get lost here, easily. The lifts are SLOW. No high speed quads here. But the runs are long. We ventured into powder country. Not the best idea. We had no idea that it is back country and you could easily get lost. We stayed on the beaten path, which had up to 3 feet of powder, very steep in some parts. The wife had a hard time here but I talked her through it. Then we ended up at a road. We had to ski along a foot wide track for about 1/4 mile until we hit a shuttle pick up point. An experience to be sure. Avy gear would be a good thing back there. The rest of the day we spent finding powder stashes which are everywhere. I wanted to hit the runs off the paradise chair but they where hairy and I would prefer to go with someone who knows them well. Nothing easy off that chair at all. Powder is a great place that is never crowded and is the cheapest, both in food and lift tickets. They have a special area for $7.00 a run where they will drag you up by cat. Never did it but it looked good. Heli skiing is also available. So for $40.00 you can ski over 3000 acres and have a $5.00 burger. Nuff said.