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Nordica Top Fuel: Great Mammoth (Sierra) Ski

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We are having another good season at Mammoth this year and I have had about 5 days on a new pair of Top Fuels in varying conditions including groomed, really heavy sierra cement and most recently about 27" of light powder. Having read all of the reviews of the ski here it still amazed me!

ME: An on hill mountain employee, I ski from 8am-4pm regularly...all terrain... level 3 or expert as you wish. 5' 10" 165 #. Other skis include Volkl 5* and Rossi B3

I took these out at the request of our demo dept for feedback and I was truly amazed. After a 2nd demo I bought a pair at 170cm. These skis have been everything I had hoped and more. Skiing Mag's "1 quiver ski" of 05-06 really is!

I looked to them to fill a need for days during / after a heavy snowfall when I am working in mostly heavily skied areas and where conditions change significantly from fresh powder, to crud to packed and bumps as the day progresses. They do all of these well..very well. They also carve with agility approaching my 5*'s but with an even higher speed limit. Someone, somewhere said that at 78 mm underfoot they carve as though they were 68mm. That's true.

A great ski for Western slopes that has far surpassed my expectations.
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They're great on Eastern Slopes too even with the winter we've been having.
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Thanks for the post full focus. Here's hoping you enjoyed the MLK holiday blessing of more great snow. Mammoth was on fire again.

A question for you. How were they in tight steeps? Any chance of banging tight turns down the Avy chutes, Wipe out, Drop out chutes etc? I am curious if you found them a wee ponderous in those conditions or not? Do your B3's(are they this years or last years?) turn easier in the Sierra muck?

Again, thanks for the review.
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I included the Avi chutes (Avi #2, 3)in my demo tour and they were great in the thight steeper terrain. My B3's are about 3 seasons ago and more like this year's B4 are 177 and are not nearly as agile in trees or tight spots -but still great for wide open terrain, especially with fresh uncut snow. I especially found the Top Fuels at 170 cm to be an easier ski to maneuver in the very heavy snow we had prior to this most recent 'light' dump -my legs held out much better during a long day, yet they had plenty of float for me (165#, 5-10)in the light 27" we got over the recent MLK weekend. Hope that helps.
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Thanks so much. I'm up there again this weekend and will be demoing those,the AC-4's, and Heads 77 and 88 out of the mountain shop. The TF seems to be a favorite of a lot of people.

Thanks again for the beta.
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Try the K2 APACHE RECON as well, lots of my coworkers really like it too
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Fulll Focus,

I ended up doing an advanced lesson this weekend instead of demoing (sadly money wasted there). My money would have been better spent on the demos.

Funny you mention the Recons as I am curretnly on K2 XP's (same ski as the Recon). Can you compare the two skiis if you have been on them? Thanks in advance.
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I am a 5' 10" 165 # level 8 weekend skier. I just got back from four perfect days at mammoth on my new 170 top fuels. The skis are fantastic. I ski the 174 K2 XP’s all the time because they are my 130# son’s skis. We have the same boot size. We both felt unequivocally that the Nordicas were vastly superior at just about everything. Edge grip, stability, ease to carve, …you name it. They cruised the groomers like a narrow gauge steam train equipped with a jet engine. They handed the steeps and tight chutes (avis and the wipe outs family of runs) and put smiles on our faces. Both of us could make short turns. Riding these skis was like taking a lesson. I tried different techniques and received instant feedback which ultimately improved my skiing. The kid agrees with that last sentence.

My 2 cents: you own the XP, which is a great hard snow ski for mammoth. Why not spend your money on something fatter?
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Nice to see another Sierra person pleased with the Top Fuels. I have an Apache Chief (131-98-116) for my fat ski as you asked. I was actually looking at the TF as a replacement for my XP's that has almost 100 days and not much base left on it.

I am close to your sons wieght (135 lbs.) and curious to hear he liked the 170's. Would he buy the 170's if he was getting them for himself? Nice to hear that he could swing 'em comfortably down the Avi chutes as that was my concern as a lightwieght. Tight turns was my only fret with them. Thanks.
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I didn’t know you owned the Chiefs. So you are set for soft snow and you want a replacement for hard snow.

The Kid loved the TF’s. When he was riding them he was unstoppable, uncatchable, and carved like a demon. He didn’t take them down the Avi Chutes, I did. But, I watched him carve small quick turns with ease- as in easier than I could. He loved them and would own them in a second, however; they are mine and he can ski them whenever he wants. We had a no visibility Sunday morning and his thought was that visibility is overrated. The skis were so smooth that he didn’t need to see. Also it was his comment that skiing the TF made you a better skier on any ski.

Note:You should demo the Nitrous also. The Nitrous has the same edge grip and is easier to ski. It loves the cross under technique and has a ton of rebound. It is not as damp and appreciates a more subtle style. We prefer the dampness.

Hope this helps
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Yep, Sunday morning was not good for seeing. I ended up in the tree's on 22 and 25 for my sanity.
Thanks for the beta. TF is top of my list. FYI I took an expert lesson on Monday and the instructor was 6'3" and 215 pounds. His all mtn ride was the 170 Nitrous. He confirmed that they were his all mtn boards and he skied on them 90% of the time. I could not believe it given his build and experience, but that was what he was on. Once again thanks for the input .
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