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Originally Posted by jtq_99
I love the Super Bee. I necassarily don'tl think they needed to make it a six-seater, but I like the fact that it's high speed AND one lift all the way up instead of the old B1 and B2 lifts where you had change lifts midway up the mountain.
Me, too! : In fact, that's one reason I stopped skiing Copper!
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Originally Posted by ssh
Me, too! : In fact, that's one reason I stopped skiing Copper!
Man, that takes me back. B1 and B2 -- okay, who here can't stop calling the F lift the F lift? I have the hardest time with that one, since they changed all the other lifts to words that started with the old designation (E = Excelerator, S = Sierra, etc.) but F is not Flyer; it's Eagle.

Too confusing.

I guess the rationale was that the Flyer was the first high-speed lift, so they called it Flyer. But I think it was mean to us oldtimers.
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It was never B1 & B2.: It was B and B1!!!
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Originally Posted by Tsavo
It was never B1 & B2.: It was B and B1!!!
Of course, you're right. Duh. I think Rossignol has us confused. (But I was already confused re the F aka bubble lift.)
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In your spare time, ask the mountain manager why the Flyer lift didn't start on time yesterday: a powder day. It started at 9:04, but that is enough to irritate people. I rode up with a former lift operator who said that the lift towers have sensors to detect if the cable comes off the pulleys, which sometimes are tripped by snow. If that is the case Intrawest should work with the lift manufacturer to fix this problem. Trying to start it at 8:30 would give it time to work out these issues, but then they would have to pay the operators another 1/ hour.

I know: they need the money to build more terrain parks.
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In the beginning...

Copper's lifts were identified by letters and their runs were identified by numbers.

I miss the days of beer and bbq at the b-lift parking area. That area is now Elk Run condos.
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4 minutes late!: I bet that really hurts!!! At least you got to ski.
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I would like to add some positive comments for the ski patrol at Copper (although I've never met a ski patroller who was less than excellent) -- about a dozen years ago, I was at Copper for a week with some friends. The first day we were there, we witnessed a man collapse in the cafeteria mid-mountian. Two of my friends (an ER doc and an internist) diagnosed a cardiac arrest and began CPR. Ski patrol was on the scene in 3-4 minutes with IV equipment, drugs, ECG, defibrillator, etc. An anesthesiologist also having lunch at the lodge jumped in to help. The patrollers were happy to let my friends run the code, and assisted them as if they had worked with them for years. Ski patrol maintained order in a potentially chaotic atmosphere and overall handled the situation like the professionals that they were. Unfortunately, despite the near immediate care that the man received, including the arrival of a medevac helicopter within 20 minutes, the poor man passed away.
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Originally Posted by ssh
If any of you are in the OHG age range (45+), let me know and we'll set up a guest pass for you one of the days that I'm guiding!
Sounds great! Oh, wait a minute, I already have a season pass. But, wait, that's a good thing, isn't it? ssh, as long as I'm 45+, can I come along anyway?

Glad that you are enjoying your new job, LM. BTW, did I see a write up on your fitness company in the Copper Cable a while back? Oh, and Union Creek a ghost town? It never is when I'm taking my kid to ski school. Man, what a zoo! There are only three lifts that I try very hard to avoid between the hours of 10:30 - 2:00 and two of them are Flyer and High Point. The third is Kokomo, but I only ski that lift when my daughter makes me. I am always amazed at the beginners who battle the crowd on Kokomo while Lumberjack runs half-empty. But I don't complain on those days when I'm spending the day with my daughter cruising Roundabout.

I may only be a regular at Copper for the last few years, but I have been skiing Copper since the first year it opened. IMO, Copper is a far better mountain now than it was in '72.

One of my close friends directs Copper's lift operators. I gather that this year's crop, a large number coming from Brazil and other parts of South America, has been a bit of more a challenge to manage. There are always a few seem to be quite shocked to find out that running a lift is actually work, and they're not getting paid to go ski all day.

I have other issues with iwest as a management company, but, for day to day operations, and by that I mean the day to day ski experience, I still think Copper is the best of Summit County. (OK, A-Basin is right up there too).
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Ok, so maybe I don't have as many days in at Copper this year as some of you (20). But I've noticed no real problems at Copper. Sure, it was a bit frustrating early in the season to look at the untracked lines on Union peak, but there was a 6' deep crack on the face as well. And, after all, we did have the most incredible snow in the past 20 years, with more terrain open than in January of the past few seasons.

Even with the apparent increase in visitors this year because of the EPIC conditions, I've rarely waited for a chair. Of course, I usually ski off-piste, but when I started skiing the 'Boat in the 70's, it was common to wait in the lift line for 45 minutes. Frankly, I don't see what folks have reason to complain about.

Now the real question is whether VBOP (variable business operations plan) will rear its head and cause Intrawest to curtail lifts and terrain show ridership fall. Too bad when somebody runs the place like it is ... a business.

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Tag, I write for the Copper Cable, so you may have seen one of my fitness articles. Or, you may have seen this article that mentioned my studio;

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This may be good news for some and bad for others. We have recently been "empowered" to "write up" any category that gets an exceptionally low rating. For example, if someone rates something as a "3" or below on a scale of 1-10, we are told to ask specific questions, write them on a separate sheet which will be given to their department manager.

I thought it would be a good idea if we can also mention exceptional service, and today that got approved! If anyone knows a guy named Phil O'Neil who teaches in the kid's school, tell him that the parents of the kids he taught thought that he was so great that he deserves a big raise!

Probably all the recognition will get you is a free ride on the Summit Stage, but hey, it's nice to be recognized!
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