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finding a shorty fun carver

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I usually ski my atomic beta carv 9.18 (170cm), and I enjoy it a great deal but occasionally when really charging for short radius carved turns, I boot-out and I think I just have to face it that the ski is more of cruiser than a shorty slalom. I am not the strongest as far as technique goes, but I can definatly bend a ski into reverse camber if you know what I mean. On Saturday, Elan, Atomic, and rossignol are going to have skis to demo and I want to know if anyone has any suggestions as to a decent performer in really short radius turns and super carving htta I should be sure to demo. I am also looking for decent value (i.e., race stock would probably be fun to try but just looking at them gives me strange pains where my wallet sits ). I am about 5' 10" / 178 cm tall and I'd say im about 175 lbs. (80kg for those on the other side of the drink).

Any help is appreciated, thanx in advance,
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I got the same idea this year. I love my K2 XP 180cm but wanted a short fun ski. I am about your size (5'10" 170) and picked up a pair of Atomic SL 11 157cm. These things are pure fun. I was in Alta over Dec 7 weekend (looks like 10 days too early!) and the snow was hardpack and icey in places. I used my K2s for the first 2 hours and then switched to the Atomics for the remainder of the weekend and had a blast. The only downside was that I tore them up pretty badly on the steeps off of Supreme. At the time I didn't care because of the fun I was having. (My home hill is Snow Trails in Ohio so there was no griping for the lack of snow in Alta!)

Hope this helps,
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I skied the Head SL comp. a couple of weeks ago in a 167 , it was very quick edge to edge but held well a Gs turn also the Volkl SL p-50 in a 161 , but while it was quick it was a little unstable in a GS turn. 5'10" at 185
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The Elan SLX, and if you think that is too much ski try the HCX. The HCX is the same ski, just without the extra sheet of titanium, making them a little better for free skiing. Try anything you can get your hands on that has a big tip and tail and is relatively stiff.
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might want to keep Volkl's T50 5Star on the list... [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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If you are looking for a shorty just to carve tight radius turns, there are two skis which stand way above the competition:

Fischer World Cup SC
Elan HCX

I'll eat my hat if you find a ski which puts a bigger smile on your face when it comes to fun-carving. You won't want to give them back after the demo.

Please report back and let us know what you think. I don't think that you'll find any weaknesses with the HCX. It sounds like the perfect ski for what you're looking for. Have fun.
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Originally posted by Karsten Hain:
when really charging for short radius carved turns, I boot-out
I too have serious boot out problems on anything but hardpack with skis under 70 mm wide. I'm adding a bunch of lift to most of my narrow skis this year. If you want a high angulation carver, look for something at least 68mm wide.

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What Vitaman said
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If youre worried about boot out just get yourself a nice plate and then add some spacer lifters under your bindings until you feel that youre high enough. If youre booting out when your lift is over 60mm and youre not on a fall away turn... then, i want you to teach me to do that, cuz i have not been able to boot out my skis this year, and i was constantly doing it on a normal amount of lift (48 or so mm) last year - now im up to 55ish. If you look towards a waist that is that wide you may have to sacrafice edgehold. I know the fischer WC SC has a 66mm waist, so that should work for you just fine - it also has a 122mm tip... its so big they might as well measure it in meters.
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thanks alot, good sugggestions and I am definatly going to put at least another 10mm of lift under my binding. Stockli raver XXP with a 9.5 meter radius sounds like fun and few others also so i will have to activley seek out where they are demoing.
Thanx a bundle,
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I am about 5' 10" tall and 185 lbs I ski Fischer world cup sc 160cm with Marker 1400 piston control " best fun curver in the world " fun all day long demo one and you see [img]smile.gif[/img]
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I'm 6'1", 190 and skied milesb's Rossi T-Power 9S Short SL in a 167 (I think) yesterday, one run down the hill, in packed powder conditions.

I have to say I have never felt sensations like that before. To say it's quick and responsive doesn't really begin to describe it. The skis seems to move themselves into turns, the edge hold (over scrapy spots) was like nothing I'd ever experienced and, much to my surprise, the ski is relatively forgiving (back seat). With the lightest of input the skis were swinging back and forth with seeming feather-lightness.

The skis made me feel like a better skier, in short, and I know there's tons more to them than I even approached. They track true and stable in longer fast turns too.

[img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img] [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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Don't miss giving the atomic c-11 a try. I spent a day on last years version. What fun. Holds on anything, and more versital than many carvers. [img]graemlins/thumbsup.gif[/img]
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I tried the HCX last weekend (Demo day @ Tremblant).

I loved it, far more than I thought I would. Just lay these things over and thery they go. I really couldn't find anything wrong with them.

I wanted to try the Atomic C11 and Head iSL but the day ran out before I could see if they had them. I think reading the reviews that they're all pretty equivalent.


Here's a link to some tests.
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BobasEB- You ought to have a chat with whomever sold you a piston on the WC SC. The correct "set up" would have been the 1400 EPS. The Fischer plate "floats" and in so doing negates the piston's effects. The piston has to be mounted on a fixed object. There is also a question of safety. The local Marker rep believes the piston on a Fischer plate is not safe and might lead to "booting out" at the toe. Lastly, height is an issue. The piston on the Fischer plate is very high. I forget the measurement, however, it is well above 55 mm. It is thought that this sort of height and the accompanying leverage might lead to knee problems in a slow, twisting fall.

I "rep" for both Fischer and Marker. I would run back to the person who mounted the binding and have a conversation. The WC SC is a tremendous ski.

You can always turn off the piston to deal with the one issue. That does not address the issue involving lift.
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Rusty Guy

I appreciate your concern for my safety the lift is tremendous 75mm +/-, but FIS rules do not apply to fun carving.
Binding was mounted by my friend in Austria “Fischer rep” after long debate we think it makes this ski even smoother.
Up to now I didn’t have any problems with booting out and I used this ski for more then 25 days in varies conditions.

Thank you, BobasEB
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