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Atomic 11.20
Salomon Scream 10 Pilot
Rossignol Bandit XX
Olin Radius Pro

Conditions were wet, almost raining, short groomed run.

Atomic hit me right on the head the second I stepped in. For some strange reason they just felt different that instant moment. Heavy, damp and solid as a rock. Dindnt even have to ski it in order to determin its properties. The Salomons were of the same genre, only a little less dramatic. At the other end came Olin which were ultra light and the easyest ski I have ever skied on. Bandit more rigid than the Olins, naturally considering length and also width, both however very suitable for non carving skiing, skidding and quick change of style and turning radius.

Being a ski instructor I ski well both fast and slow and I like all skis tested. Here's my verdict:

Atomic 11.20 (180)
Extremly rigid and damp ski. Felt like riding a train. Suits my style perfectly. In deep snow these would ride way down under the surface, not swim on the top. In crud and difficult snow they would simply just crash right through and keep on going. This much because of the narrow tip. The geometry is narrow at the tip, wide at the back which makes it harder to initiate and stear into a turn on the other hand at the same time less sensetive to sudden tip grabbing. This is a carving ski and does that better than the rest of the tested skis going fast. Good stearing. High speed and down hill blasting. Wear a helmet. Short turns are possible but you need to put in a lot of effort. Deffinetly not a beginner ski. You need to know what you are doing here. Think of it as a german car.

Salomon Scream 10 Pilot (186)
Damp, solid but unlike the Atomic a very forgiving ski. Mistakes are easily corrected and it stears beautifully at moderate speeds. I have also skied the Crossmax 10 and I like these skis very much. IMO the binding does not give the boot a high enough rise over the snow. This is a pitty since bootout prevents high speed carving when the snow is a little softer. A salesman told me it is a ski for "women" and in a sence he is right but if a male has to be agressive and brutal and radical in order to ski well I think he has a problem. Im tall, handsome and good looking so I dont have to have skis named Bandit XXXXXX in order to be respected(by women offcource). Good ski. Nothing wrong with women eather...

Rossignol Bandit XX (184)
The salesman told me: once you put these on you will never take them off! I must say I missed that experience. Good skis but whats the fuzz all about? That ski could do it all but it wasent a revelation of any kind. It is however a very easy ski to ski. It carves and skids well. It initiates turns instantly and behaves lively and carelessly. If you are more into scenery or radical off pists where you have to consentrate on women watching or saving your life caught in a avalanche chased by a bear this is your ski. Its there and obays you until deth do you part. If you are looking for a carving ski this is not your best choise. The Look binding on this ski dindt have enough raise and caused boot out quite easily. This is a wide ski and needs a lot of raise underneath in order to perform effisiantly. This is your 4 weel drive Volvo.

Olin Radius Pro (181)
This ski with a Rave binding is a super light combination: 2750g!!! I wonder what the others weighted or what other ski+binding combos weight in general but they shure felt light on the foot. This ski was the most effortless of quartet at hand. If the Atomic represented the solid, heavy and damp genre the Olin closely followed by the Rossignol the complete oposite. Light, lively and quick on turns. Like the Bandit it puts you in total control. If you need to make a sudden turn it will perform it instantly. It stears well and carves crisply and cleanly. The nose being a little wider than the Atomic for example makes it wobblier going strait at higher speeds and sensetive to uneven terrain but once edged it cuts like a knife. Short turns are easily made as well as skidding. From beginner to expert, this is an effortless choise. Made in the good old USA but runs like a French GTI car.

I hate rewievs that dont tell you which ski is the best so I will reward you with a winner: Atomic 11.20

However, any ski given to me free of charge I would praise as the best ski ever until given another ski. Manufacturers listen up, give me a pair of skis.... [img]smile.gif[/img] any kind even old ones : please :