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Fatty Choice

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My 20 year old son got some Pocket Rockets but he hasn't been able to take them out yet due to rocks. He got the Pocket Rockets because of numerous things. First, they are suppose to be quicker than the other fats which is important around here because of all the narrow chutes and tree skiing. Second, they are a true twintip and he will be doing tricks on them. Third, the mount point was a little more forward than other fats which is what he is used to since he normally skis on twintips. Fourth, his dad subsidized them because he wants to borrow them. Finally, most of his friends have 1080s and none of them have had problems with their skis breaking (which is more than be said about most twintips especially the early K2 Enemies & Rossi Powairs).

The reviews on the Pocket Rockets all say they are a quick turning fat ski. They are light so they don't do long, high speed turns in heavy crud & powder very well. If you like to barrel through the powder doing wide Super-G turns you would be better off with the AK Launcher. If you want an all mountain ski you would be better off with the AK Enemy or some 1080s (still the most versital twintip around). If you want a versital fat for powder & the park look at the Pocket Rocket.
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Fatty Choice

Hi all,

For a big mountain off-piste powder ski thing, I have the choice of the Pocket Rocket or the K2 AK Enemy.

Anyone skied either (or both) of these big twin tips? Any advice?


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