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Great First Lines - Page 2

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Then her mother and father walked in and .........
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My Dad walked into my bedroom and said, "you're going to go blind doing that". I said, "I'm over here, Dad".
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I find it incredibly ironic that was has socially earned me the right of being called lucky, has in-turn made me no longer believe in luck.
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"Hey Y'all, watch this..."
"One thing led to another..."
"I was just sitting there, minding my own business..."
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Good redneck openers bgraves ... also MoeLarryCheese with another funny oneliner

How about a little more generic

"I knew I was in trouble when ..."

or the generic topper

"But THAT'S not the WEIRD part - the weird part was..."
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At that point things started to seem a bit strange as in STRANGE!!!!!!!
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