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Punters view on Legend 8000, Contact 10 & 11, and HR Nitrous

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A midwest punter's view on the Dynastar Legend 8000, Contact st11, Contact st10, and Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous:

Me: 40 yrs old, 10-15 day/yr, midwestern skier, have skied seriously for only 11 years, 5'10", a meaty 210 lbs, and a 6-7 level skier.

Location/conditions: Perfect North Slopes, Indiana, 1/15/2206, 3-6" of fresh artificial snow on boilerplate, and refrozen crud. Conditions were decent early, but later in the day, on the steeper runs, the artificial and chop got pushed into piles separated by boilerplate. The Dynastar and Nordica reps showed up for some free demos, so how could I resist. By the way, my current skis are 170cm Volkl Vertigo Motions.

Dynastar Legend 8000 (116-79-102, 19m, 170cm): I was originally going to try the 4800, but the rep encouraged me to try the 8000. Correct choice. Despite its 79mm waist, it felt neither bulky nor sluggish. Despite my less than stellar skills, the ski was neither beyond nor beneath my abilities. It easily plowed through the crud that was building up on the steeper black runs, yet was easy to tip and rip on the smoother blue runs. While easy to ski, dependable, and remarkably agile for its waist, I wish it could have been a little more playful. It wasn’t tenaciously grippy on the boilerplate either, but few skis are. It would be easy to live with, and never surprising, although a little less personality than I desire for where I spend most of my ski days. Would be great for those ever too infrequent western trips.

Dynastar Contact st 11 (112-67-98, 21m, 172cm): After my comments on the Legend 8000, the rep suggested I jump on the Contact 10, but seeing as it was out, told me to try the 11 first, Wow. If the Legend 8000 was a graying Irish Setter, the Contact 11 was a youthful pit bull tasting its first blood. It was evil fun on reasonably smooth, blue groomers, reflecting all applied turn energy into additional forward momentum upon release. The harder you stood on it, the faster it went. I was reminded of those movie scenes where a little devil pops up encouraging bad behavior. I ended up passing virtually everybody on the run (Clydes), even while cutting great big arcs in the snow. The ski was very intolerant of any attempt to skid or scrub speed. It was also difficult to horse into short turns, which is not too surprising with the large radius and stout build. Even a hockey stop had to be approached forcefully. I had great difficulty going down the steeper, junked up black run (Center Stage) on these, due to their reluctance to release and skid. Very rewarding on smooth snow, but, for me, they required too much focus, concentration and energy for an everyday ride. As a side note, they also exhibited an interesting “zinging” resonance while straight lining over some hardened flats. Pure barreled energy.

Dynastar Contact st 10 (116-64-104, 12m, 172cm): While the 11’s were too much work, the 10’s were a blast. Anywhere I wanted to go, and at any speed, it went. Turns were telepathic. While was easy to carve, it didn’t buck skidding either. With all that sidecut, short turns were incredibly effortless. Medium and long turns weren’t bad either. I also never found it squirrelly when laid flat, although it might have been in a shorter length. It didn’t have quit the crud busting ability of the Legend 8000, but it was so nimble that I was able to avoid the uglier patches; piles of mashed potatoes and chicken heads that I simply blew through on the Legends. The rep indicated the 10 did not have any metal, while the 11 had two layers. I could see owning some variant of this ski before long.

Kudo’s to the Dynastar rep for bringing out a bunch-o-skis, and having them well tuned and waxed. Upon reflection, I would love it if somehow Dynastar could cross the Contact st 10 with the Legend 8000. He did indicate that they are coming out with a wider version of the 10 next year. Otherwise, a pair of Contact 10’s and Legend 8000’s would make for a mighty sweet 2 ski quiver.

Nordica Hot Rod Nitrous (123-78-108, 17.6m, 180cm): Although not greatly different in size than the Legends, they felt completely different. While the Legends seemed more nimble than their size would indicate, the HR’s did not. With their smaller radius, there was no problem whatsoever in getting them to turn, but they were lifeless; great in the crud but boring on the groomed. They would faithfully track over and through anything they were pointed at, but I was completely insulated from the snow surface. Maybe I should have tried the Top Fuels, but by the time I turned the Nitrous in, my legs were too jellied from flogging the Contacts to discern anything useful from additional demos.

As a point of comparison, I just picked my 170cm Volkl Vertigo Motions up a couple of months back. They are far easy to pilot than my previous,190cm, Kneissl Ero Races; an early parabolic (95-65-95) with 2 layers of titanal. That said, I’m not completely happy with them. Some of it I’m sure is my lack of skills, but I have a difficult time hooking them up into a clean carve. The base/edge bevels have been hand tuned to 1/3 and honed fingernail scraping sharpness, with no detuning, but hookup is still hit and miss for me. Under my pilotage, they seem to work best when driven with the arch and heal of my foot, rather than the ball. Doesn’t seem right to me, although I have seen other posts that indicate the early Pilot binding system seemed to mask the skis personality in a negative way. On the other hand, I had no problem getting a clean carve out of any of the demos that I tried. In fact, that is all the Contact 11’s wanted to do.

Hope somebody finds this useful.

It would also be fun to hear some ideas, based on what I liked, of what I should demo in the future.

Dave Glos
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Thanks for the review.

I appreciate the info on the ST11 as I was considering these as a Groomer ride only and it seems it is a animal that needs to be tamed. I like a challenge.
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Marmot mb:

If you have access to wide open groomers, the ST11 would be an inspiring platform, although, in my opinion, not all the time. Even with my modest skills, they weren't punishing, but I couldn't relax at the wheel either. The only real options were fast and faster.: My experience on the 11, especially regarding skidding and forgiveness jibes with with the note on Realskiers. On the other hand, I thought the 10 was more forgiving than 3 out of 5.

There are way too many people, with a large percentage of them beginners, inhabiting the smoother portions of Perfect North for the ST11's to be considered. Plus, on crappier snow, they were just too much work.

I hadn't seen much posted about the contact series, hence my review. Somewhere, I seem to remember seeing the ST10 was a rename of one of the Omecarves. Don't know if that is true or not? Realskiers indicates last years Omecarve 9 had metal, while the rep indicated the ST10 did not.

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I am mostly interested in a real mean speed machine that lays trenches so deep snowboarders would fall in and not get out.

I have a decent enough general purpose carving, off piste fun time ski (Rossignol Axium Super with twin decks, great all around fun easy skiing ski, holds it's own in powder and crud fairly well to boot) and a serious off piste powder set (8800's)

For me the ST11 would be a occasional, late afternoon ripper ski, to just go go go. Thankfully I have wide open spaces to let them run at Marmot Basin, SSV, LL and Pano and even the local hill to keep and get my form in shape.

I am so impressed with my 8800's that I thought the ST11 warranted some consideration along with the B5 and a host of other speed machines.

no skidding required or wanted for the intended purpose, so it was nice to hear thats what the ST11 delivers.
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