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2 quick questions re: Breck

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We're heading out to Breck in February, driving from Denver airport...

Where is the best place to get discounted lift tix?

My husband and I would also like to take a lesson while in Breck. We're both intermediate skiers (he's a stronger, more aggressive skier). Should we aim for a group or private lesson? Would love some specific recommendations for instructors, etc.

Many thanks!
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How many days of skiing, and is it over President's day weekend? This has a strong effect on the best discounts. A lot of times the multi-day passes direct from Breck (order BEFORE you get there: snow.com) are the best deal, I'm sure others will have suggestions for the best deal on single day passes purchased from the various locations.

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Ski days

I forgot to mention (thanks for the reminder, J) that we'll be there the weekend after president's day and skiing Fri through Sun (3 days). Many thanks!
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Look at the Peaks card. Depending on # of days, you can also gets days at Vail and Beaver Creek.

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I bought our 4 of 6 day passes on Expedia. The price was alot better then the Peaks Discounted Price. Of course we went during the cheaper early January time so that also made a difference.
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Holy crap! No one has ever asked this question before!

Just kidding. You obviously didn't spend the 30 seconds to hit the "search" button on the forum.
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Discounts of a few dollars can be had at City Market in Frisco as well as some hotels in Dillon/Frisco/Silverthorne. As to lessons, take an intermediate/advanced lesson and chances are you'll have no more than one or two other people in your group. Better yet hook up with some of the people on this board if they're skiing that weekend.
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Thanks much for the replies!! Much more helpful than the searches I can come up with on the Forums
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